By Tom Bostock

Psst! Did you hear the news? A new shop in town is creating all the buzz in the Odessa area. It’s the recently opened, full-service PostNet store at 15985 Preserve Marketplace Blvd. They are excited to handle your printing, graphic design, and related services in the Odessa, Land O Lakes, and Trinity areas.

As a successful advertising executive and current PostNet owner and operator, Tracy Houser grew tired of all the traveling her marketing job required. She was looking for something close to home that would allow her to spend more time with her family while providing valuable services to her local business and residential community. 

After reviewing countless franchise opportunities, Tracy selected PostNet because of the variety of time-saving products and state-of-art services she could offer her customers. Having previously been familiar with similar companies in the past, it was her ideal choice. Her first seven months of successfully providing Odessa and the surrounding communities with innovative graphic design products and unique printing products and services have proven the wisdom of her choice. 

Tracy said she located in Odessa rather than Tampa or another metropolitan area because “I wanted to help the people here locally. I learned there were micro-businesses here doing a lot of startups. I wanted to be in the neighborhood to interact with these individuals as opposed to Tampa, where I might not be able to do that.” 

A hands-on owner and operator, Tracy enjoys sharing her advertising expertise with small business clients and consumers, helping them use their printing and graphic design dollars wisely. “The marketing I used to do in advertising included graphic design. This experience allows me to help clients design unique business cards and logos.” Tracy stressed that there are no templated, boiler-plated cards. Each one is designed to meet the individual customer’s needs. “We do not believe in a ‘one size fits all approach. We listen carefully to our client’s needs.”

Unlike many of her competitors, Tracy offers her clients a bonus, the services of her multi-talented, innovative, in-house graphic designer. Clients can’t say enough nice things about her level of professionalism, expertise, and the quality of the products she provides both her business and residential customers.

In addition to its graphic design and printing services, Tracy’s PostNet store is a one-stop center for all of the shipping needs of both her small business and consumers’ shipping needs. Her store provides packing services and shipping, utilizing all four significant shippers, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and the U.S. Postal Services. Tracy said they also do international shipping.

Private mailboxes are just one more useful option she offers for her customers’ convenience. Businesses can use them with a physical address. They do have another major advantage over government-leased mailboxes. PostNet can accept packages and correspondence from all four primary services. They also can provide virtual mailboxes, another opportunity for small businesses.   

For those of you who may be concerned that a business owner whose business has only been open for seven months doesn’t have the experience to help you, consider this: PostNet initially provided Tracy with extensive training at their corporate headquarters about the cutting-edge technology and innovative products she would be offering her customers. This was followed by onsite, in-store training. PostNet follows up with additional, professional, onsite training whenever new products or services are made available to its franchisees. 

At Tracy’s store, you have the added advantage of being able to draw on her successful advertising/marketing experience. “I want to use my experience to help my customers economize their printing dollars to get ‘the most bang for their buck.'” Tracy said she likes to show clients “the best way to use their budget, so they don’t feel so overwhelmed when it comes to finding out what they need that makes sense.”

“A lot of sales reps have come in to do their ‘leave-behinds,’ the brochures, and hand-out information packets they give to potential clients,” she said. “We also provide wedding and birthday invitations, baby shower announcements, and other customizable printed products.” 

When asked about the future of her business in general, she quickly responded that “we live in a digital world. Digital options will be the wave of the future.” She assured me that when digital services become available to PostNet, they would provide all necessary training for her and her staff. Tracy wants all her clients to be excited about their printing and graphic projects. She and her team are here to help. She encourages potential customers to call her for a free, no-obligation quote, regardless of the project size. You could be pleasantly surprised. 

PostNet, 813-920-0005, 15985 Preserve Marketplace Blvd, Odessa, FL, your printing and graphics design professional!