By Deborah Bostock-Kelley

Imagine being able to call your payroll or insurance company at a local number and speak to a person dedicated to your business account – not being routed through an 800 number to multiple representatives all over the country, no accidental hang-ups during transfer or no lengthy waiting times on hold.

When third-generation insurance agent, Scott Holcomb founded Accurate Employer Solutions in 2009, his goal was to be a full-service resource for businesses, large and small. Ten years later, Accurate Employer Solutions is synonymous with exemplary customer support and being a convenient one-stop shop. 

In addition to their state-of-the-art employee benefits platform, HR Navigator 360, Accurate Employer Solutions is an ADP Wholesale Payroll Provider, which gives them the ability to cut most employers’ payroll cost up to 50%.

“When our clients utilize our payroll services, they get hands-on service directly out of our office,” said Scott. “Although we use ADP technology, which is the best in the world, our clients call us here locally and they talk to a dedicated payroll provider.” 

When a business reaches out to a competitor, they have to give their business id number to be recognized. At Accurate Employer Solutions, the client works with their dedicated payroll account manager who is familiar with them and their needs.

Company CFO, Anthony Ferlita, heads up the payroll division. “We don’t have to look up their account id and transfer them around. We know all our clients by first name, and everything is handled right here,” he said. “In addition, our payroll system allows employees to log in directly to their account. So, for example, if an employee loses a W-2 or needs a copy of one of their paystubs, they can retrieve that document online 24/7.”

When Accurate Employers Solutions handles both benefits and payroll, the benefits platform HR Navigator 360 and the ADP Run Platform integrate perfectly to provide a comprehensive business solution.  The business’ payroll administrator doesn’t need to update payroll deductions when an employee enrolls in benefits after a life change occurs such as marriage, birth, divorce, etc. It is done automatically.

To complement their benefits and payroll services, Accurate Employer Solutions also represents many of the leading carriers for business property and casualty insurance, such as general liability, worker’s compensation, commercial auto and property.

Al Derenches, director of the property and casualty division explained, “Florida law requires business owners to purchase workers compensation and commercial auto insurance.  Workers’ compensation insurance is required for any non-construction business employing four or more people and any construction business with at least one employee. General liability insurance is required by the state of Florida for most business owners.” 

GL coverage is designed to protect business owners from direct or indirect damages to another party. Your liability insurance helps pay for those damages caused by the actions of your business, or your employees. Commercial Property Insurance is insurance covering commercial buildings and their contents against losses caused by fire, windstorm, and many other losses or perils. Having the proper coverage insures against the loss of business income.

“Just like the benefits program, the property and casualty side is service-oriented and we really pride ourselves on our service. Commercial insurance can be complex, and policies often require updates that need to be timely and accurate,” said Al. “Our clients have a dedicated person. We pick up. We handle the changes. We let our clients worry about running their business and not about their insurance policies.”

Since Accurate Employer Solutions offers both payroll and worker’s compensation insurance, they are able to offer their clients the convenience of participating in a Pay As You Go program. Typically, a worker’s compensation carrier requires employers to pay their entire annual premium at the beginning of the policy period. 

“With our pay as you go program, we don’t require them to pay the full premium up front because we are processing the payroll and can report the exact amount of premium due each payroll cycle,” said Al. “This is typically a huge cash flow advantage for our clients and all but eliminates large year-end audit adjustments.”

To round out their value-added services to their clients, Accurate Employer Solutions offer personal lines of insurance. “We help individuals protect their automobiles, homes, recreational vehicles, and much more. If it needs to be insured, we can do it. We represent multiple carriers for each line of coverage. We don’t work for the insurance carriers, we work for our clients,” Scott said.

Accurate Employer Solutions also offers additional payroll discounts, when multiple services are provided.

“We are heavily service-oriented. Very rarely does a phone call ever go to voicemail here. We pride ourselves on picking up the phone in less than three rings. If we can’t resolve your issue right away, we remain in constant contact with you through final resolution, said Scott.” “You’re calling one place. We have dedicated staff taking care of our clients and handling everything for them.”

From benefits, payroll, commercial and personal insurance, Accurate Employer Solutions has a 97% client retention rate over the past ten years in business. Since its inception, Accurate Employer Solutions has fostered a family atmosphere with their customer base and the majority of their new business comes from existing client referrals. 

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