By Deborah Bostock-Kelley

Though Overhead Door is a name that has national recognition and a legacy spanning 98 years from C.G. Johnson, inventor of the first overhead door and its name, Overhead Door of Tampa Bay is not a franchise. The family-owned and operated distribution company is a locally-owned small business and covers Hillsborough County and beyond.

Based upon historic yellow page ads, Overhead Door of Tampa Bay began in 1950.

In 1992, president and owner Bob Briesacher took over the business, and in 2004, he built the current 20,000 sq. Ft. warehouse location nestled at the end of Ann Ballard Road in Tampa to service residential and commercial clients.

“We are locally-owned and nationally-supported, so you support a local business that has longevity when you work with us,” said Krystal Blais, marketing manager. “We’re here to help our customers.”

Krystal said that there are so many competitors scamming clients that they are getting shut down throughout the country, being sued for malpractice. The business is proud that the image of the red ribbon labeled with Overhead Door brings peace of mind to its clients when they see it on the truck parked in the driveway.

“We want to educate our customers on what things should cost, how the process should work and we are here to make sure your door works properly and is installed correctly the first time. We tell you the price up front. We don’t give you a quote and then add a bunch of hidden fees.”

From the Hillsborough County Fire Department, Amalie Arena, to TECO, Duke Energy and Raymond James, long-term customers read like a Who’s Who of Tampa’s major organizations.

“We love helping the community that helps us,” said Josh Briesacher, purchasing manager. “People don’t realize how much you can customize your door to fit your home or business.”

With free estimates available, every door can be customized to client specifications. Such as insulated doors for energy savings can reduce electric cost. Door operators can even have a keyless entry that allows the home or business owner to open his door and monitor its use from a secure app on his cell phone.

In the average home, the door goes up and down at least four times a day. The lifecycle of a garage door spring is typically 10k cycles but can last beyond ten years, depending upon use. The app monitors the usage so the customer can prep for when the spring needs to be replaced.

Available for morning, day, and after-hours service, while a competitor may repair a single issue and merely wait for the client to call back for a new issue and a new service call, the team at Overhead Door of Tampa Bay, will address all questions and advise the customer – whether it was part of the original service call or not.

Although Overhead Door of Tampa Bay is best recognized for this superior and wide array of styles of residential and commercial doors, the company also provides a variety of hurricane doors and shutters, access systems, HLVS fans, dock levelers and equipment, security grills, and they sell retail door operators and openers, and remotes.

“Consults can be onsite, or telephone consults especially for service,” said Krystal “We take pride in making sure that our trucks are equipped and our techs are trained to handle anything and everything when they are onsite. Our guys are very resourceful; they’re problem-solvers – first and foremost.”

Fully licensed and insured, each Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay team member is an employee of the company, trained to perform service calls, repairs, and installations; they do not outsource work and strictly adhere to all local building codes. Each member is background and security checked, as well as drug-tested. Before the technician’s visit, an email containing a photo and bio is sent to the customer. Client safety is of the utmost importance to the company.

“These people are going to your home. We want to give you that peace of mind. Our team is safe. Those emails go out before the technician goes out to your house,” said Krystal.

Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay services all door products; they don’t have to be products the customer purchased directly from them.

“We want to be different than anyone else. We want to be your garage door people,” said Josh. “We’re not piece work, not on commission. There’s no quota our technicians have to meet. We’ve been around longer. We have more knowledge and experience, and we try to be fair, which is different than our competitors. We do the job correctly. We do our best.”

Krystal added, “In theory, we don’t want to hear from our customers for a long time… then we know we did our job.”

Overhead Door of Tampa Bay is located at 7701 Ann Ballard Road, Tampa, FL 33634 and is open Monday-Friday 730a-430p. Discounts for military and veterans are available. For a free estimate call 813-885-3667 or to learn more visit