This School Has Been Named the Worst College in Georgia

Worst College in Georgia

Georgia boasts a multitude of esteemed and respected educational institutions, including Georgia Tech, Emory University, and the University of Georgia. Nevertheless, not all schools in the state share this distinction. In a recent ranking published by Washington Monthly Magazine, one institution has been singled out as the least impressive college in Georgia: The Art Institute of Atlanta. What is The …

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Tampa Bus Accident: Woman’s Harrowing Ordeal Revealed

Tampa Bus Accident: Woman's Harrowing Ordeal Revealed

TAMPA, Fla. — Kashara Burton had placed her bicycle on a bus at a Tampa intersection, believing she had enough time to board. She attempted to communicate with the bus driver to confirm when the bus would depart, but he couldn’t hear her due to wearing headphones. This incident occurred one evening last March near USF at the North 27th …

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Florida ‘Witch Doctor’ Faces Murder Charges in Toddler-Related Case

Florida 'Witch Doctor' Faces Murder Charges in Toddler-Related Case

MIRAMAR, Fla. – A person who claims to be a “witch” and is accused of second-degree murder in the case of a Georgia woman whose toddler was discovered wandering alone in a South Florida parking lot over three years ago now has a new court date. Shannon Ryan, who is also facing charges of tampering with evidence and child neglect, …

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This City Has Been Named the Most Dangerous City to live in Florida

Most Dangerous City to live in Florida

Florida, a state known for its appeal to tourists and retirees, also faces the challenge of having some of the country’s most unsafe cities. According to the FBI’s latest crime data, Florida ranks as the third most dangerous state in the U.S. Its violent crime rate is 4.88 incidents per 1,000 residents, and its property crime rate is 21.46 incidents …

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The 5 Worst Neighborhoods in Fulton County, Georgia

Worst Neighborhoods in Fulton County

Fulton County, the most populous county in Georgia, boasts a population of over one million residents. Within this county lies the state capital of Atlanta, replete with a plethora of cultural, educational, and economic attractions. However, the county isn’t uniformly safe and prosperous. There are areas facing significant challenges, grappling with high crime rates, poverty, and social issues that deter …

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Breaking News: Iron Fire Containment Reaches 30% – Latest Update!

Breaking News: Iron Fire Containment Reaches 30% - Latest Update!

Fire officials released an update on Sunday afternoon regarding the Iron Fire, stating that it has now been contained to more than 30%. Before this update, the wildfire had swiftly grown to 7,361 acres in less than a day since it began in northwestern Colorado. The fire’s rapid spread was exacerbated by adverse Red Flag weather conditions, including strong 25 …

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Discover the 10 Most Dangerous Animals in Florida

Most Dangerous Animals in Florida

Florida boasts a diverse array of wildlife, ranging from vibrant coral reefs to expansive wetlands. Yet, it’s important to note that some of Florida’s creatures can pose risks to humans through attacks, bites, stings, or disease transmission. Here are seven of the state’s most perilous animals to be mindful of and steer clear of. 1. American Alligator Florida’s iconic American …

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High-Speed Chase in Polk County: 21-Year-Old Miami Man Arrested

High-Speed Chase in Polk County 21-Year-Old Miami Man Arrested

LAKELAND, Fla. — In Polk County, overnight, a 21-year-old man from Miami led a trooper on a high-speed chase, as detailed in an arrest report. The incident began when a trooper noticed David Bush, 21, speeding on Interstate 4 near State Road 33. According to the arrest report, Bush was driving a grey Dodge Durango aggressively and tailgating other vehicles. …

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The 5 Worst Neighborhoods in Volusia County, Florida

Worst Neighborhoods in Volusia County

Volusia County, located in eastern central Florida, is home to 553,543 people as of the 2020 census. It’s part of the Deltona-Daytona Beach-Ormond Beach metropolitan area and encompasses a mix of urban, suburban, and rural regions. However, not all parts of Volusia County are equally safe or desirable to live in. Based on crime data from the Florida Department of …

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The 5 Worst Neighborhoods in Pasco County, Florida

Worst Neighborhoods in Pasco County

Pasco County is situated in the western part of Florida, and as of the 2020 census, it was home to 561,891 residents. The county is a part of the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater metropolitan area and boasts a blend of urban, suburban, and rural areas. Nevertheless, not all parts of Pasco County offer the same level of safety or desirability for living. …

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