By: Marcy Sanford

Think you don’t have time or can’t afford a spa visit? Think again. Cabana Spas makes it easy and affordable for you to treat yourself to spa treatments any day of the week. You can call in advance to set up an appointment or just walk right in whenever you’re in need of a little Me time. They have 3 convenient locations in Carrollwood, Downtown Tampa and Wesley Chapel so you can get some pampering time in no matter where you are – home, work or running errands.

When you’re at Cabana Spas, you’re able to create your own personal oasis based on your needs and wants for the day.

Renew your Skin: Reduce wrinkles and cellulite; perfect your skin and repair collagen in just 15 minutes in Cabana Spa’s Red Light Bed. Originally developed by NASA, the Red Light Bed emits red, low-light wavelengths that help naturally jump-start tissue recovery and other forms of rejuvenation through increased blood flow and collagen stimulation. Clinical studies have shown that red light therapy has healing powers and can be beneficial for increased immunity, tissue repair, anti-aging effects, improved joints and more.

The Far Infrared Sauna has different lights to help with different conditions. If you are bothered by acne, the blue light is the one you want. If you want to boost collagen, use red. Green will provide you with deep cleaning benefits. No matter which color you choose, Cabana Spas Operations Manager MacKenzie Carr says the sauna will detoxify your body, speed up muscle metabolism and reduce fatigue. She says the sauna is very popular with local athletes who say they do not experience any muscle pain when they use the sauna after a strenuous workout.

Cabana Spas also offers skin care with the Lumia LED facial. The lasers concentrate on your face and chest and will improve skin elasticity, produce collagen and erase acne scars.

After your facial, hydrate your skin at Cabana Spas’ Hydration Station. You can customize your hydration session in the vitamin steam pod to meet your skin’s needs.

Refresh your Body: Cabana Spas has a Far Infrared blanket that, combined with a sauna suit will help you lose water weight and detoxify your body. MacKenzie says that 5 minutes under the Far Infrared blanket is the equivalent of a 20-minute full-blown cardio workout.

While the blanket won’t cause you any muscle pain, daily workouts, stress and routines can. At Cabana Spas you can wash away all your aches and pains with a fully customizable HydroMassage. You can stop and concentrate the massage on a specific part of your body or get a full body massage, you can adjust the pressure and the speed of the massage so that you’ll enjoy every moment and leave feeling like a new person.

Relax your Mind: In the Cabana Club room, you’ll find an oxygen bar just for members. While 90% of our everyday energy comes from the oxygen we breath, the air we breathe is only 24% pure oxygen. No wonder you feel so tired and worn down by the end of the day. At Cabana Spas you can enjoy pure oxygen with added scents to enhance the mood you want. Need to relax, add some lavender. Feeling a little stuffed up and sinusy, you want eucalyptus. Got a big presentation or exam coming up, add some cetirizine to wake you up. “It’s a very big energy booster,” says MacKenzie. “We have lots of student who come in here when they have a big project they are working on.”

Your Own Personal Cabana: When you go to Cabana Spas you’ll be helped by one of the Cabana Hosts who will talk to you about what you’d like to achieve in your session and then help you put together a fully customized spa day. Spend 15 minutes at Cabana Spas for a quick treatment or a few hours and do it all, it’s up to you. Your Cabana Host will set you up for each treatment and make sure that you have all the products and services you need to optimize your time in your cabana and create your own personal oasis.

Affordable Luxury: At Cabana Spas the words affordable and luxury just naturally go together. With a membership it is easy and cost effective for you to treat yourself to a spa day any day of the week. Want to try it out before you commit to a membership or have guests in town in need of some pampering? Cabana Spas offers a $10 Spa Day Special.

Cabana Bash: Looking for something fun and unique to do with friends? Cabana Spas offers a Spa Party for up to 10 people where everyone can try any of the services. MacKenzie says they’ve hosted girls’ nights out parties, company bonding time and couples’ nights.

Whether you visit Cabana Spas by yourself or with others, one thing is guaranteed, you’ll leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and renewed. With a membership you can try all of the services, any day of the week as many times as you want on your own schedule.

Through the month of January Cabana Spas will be offering an Elite Membership for $47 – less than a third of the cost of a visit to another spa for just one service – and you get it all.

Cabana Spas is located at 17663 N. Dale Mabry Hwy in Lutz. They also have locations in Wesley Chapel and Downtown Tampa. They are open Mon. – Thur., 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.; Fri. 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.; and Weekends, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (813) 512-8412 or visit