By Carla M. Dubis

First established in 1941, Pasco Window & Door (PWD) is currently one of the oldest running businesses in New Port Richey, Fl.

PWD is a longstanding company that performs repairs in addition to selling and installing new, high-quality products.

Please visit their showroom, conveniently located at 5838 Trouble Creek Rd., New Port Richey, which displays many of the products that they offer.  

Husband and wife Chris and Andrea Scura, local New Port Richey residents, purchased PWD from the original owner back in 2014. They are entirely hands-on and have worked hard to steadily grow the business each year. Raising three daughters, who are all active in community sports and running the company, has kept them quite busy over the years.

PWD specializes in window and door installation, different types of hurricane/security protection, screen/sunrooms, garage screens, and performing different kinds of glass, screen, and window repairs. PWD offers commercial glass and commercial door repairs, such as door closers, hinge pins, and panic bar replacement.  

Windows and doors get old. Like most products, they must be maintained to continue to function correctly. Helpful Hint: Manufacturers recommend waxing the inside of vinyl frames of windows, tracks of sliding glass doors, and hurricane shutters with a high-quality car wax. Additionally, inspect your windows and doors and re-caulk the outside with a high-quality exterior caulk as needed. Do not use a pressure washer to clean your windows. Remember to operate and clean your windows, doors, and hurricane shutters at least two times a year to keep parts moving and ensure they function correctly.

Whether you choose to replace your windows with insulated or hurricane impact products, you will be making your home more energy-efficient, lowering your energy bills, increasing the security and value of your home, and giving you peace of mind during storms.  

Do you dislike hearing the garbage trucks, lawnmowers, the neighbor’s dog barking? Hurricane impact windows will help solve these problems as well!

PWD installs windows and sliding glass doors manufactured by PGT & CWS (made by Pella). Both of these manufacturers are leaders in the industry and provide high-quality products that are fully warrantied. (Please see their websites for each warranty offered).

Broken glass, windows not staying up, sliding glass door roller needing replacement? Bring your repairs to them, or they can come to you! PWD has specialized service technicians that come to your home to perform these types of repairs (as long as you are located within their service area). They specialize in custom-sized glass cutting and replacement, replacing sliding glass door rollers, re-screening, and more!

Have pets? You can change from a standard screen to a more substantial pet screen. Is the scorching Florida sun blinding you but still want the ventilation? If so, Sun Screen may be the answer for you. PWD offers solutions to most screen problems!

“Pasco window & door is a hidden gem. We are new to FL and were recommended to have window screens replaced. They did a quality job within a few days,” says recent customer Rosemary B. on her 5-star google review. “The price was better than we expected. We received excellent friendly service. We will use this company to replace windows and for a storm door. Highly recommend!”

Not all Contractors are Created Equal! PWD knows there are many options when choosing a window company. PWD is unique in having a full-time Service Department. This means that they have the trained staff who are able to perform any service or repairs needed beyond the one-year labor warranty supplied by the manufacturer. Most other window contractors ONLY do installations, so if there is an issue down the road, they cannot help.  

PWD takes pride in its workmanship and stands behind its installations. “We do not take shortcuts, and we make sure we do the job right. Being a licensed and insured contractor, we always pull building permits. We have a lot of repeat customers and referrals, which is always our biggest compliment!”, says Chris.  

When a county permit is pulled, the jobs are inspected by county Inspectors to ensure the job was installed correctly.

PWD explains that the biggest mistake they see people make is hiring a “handyman” to install these products.  

“We get calls every week where a customer is in tears asking for our help because the customer made the mistake of hiring an unlicensed contractor,” says Andrea. “Handymen are NOT legally allowed to install windows and doors, nor are they able to pull a required building permit. Unfortunately, they are very good at convincing consumers otherwise!” 

When you hire a handyman; 

#1 You are at risk for them walking away with your money, 

#2 You are at risk for a fine for hiring an unlicensed contractor, 

#3 If caught by Code Enforcement, your property will be “Red Flagged” by the county. In addition to fines, the county will make you remove the products (if they aren’t up to the current Building Code) and install new ones that are up to code, ultimately costing you more than double! 

#4 If you have any issue with the install initially or down the road, you have NO recourse against a handyman. After all, you chose to hire an unlicensed contractor.  

Florida licensed contractors are fingerprinted and registered with the state, background, and financial checks are performed on the license holder.  

Contractors are required to hold General Liability Insurance and Workman’s Compensation insurance. This is all to help protect the consumer.  

PWD explains that they see handymen confusing homeowners, making them believe that the worker is licensed by showing a Registration Number. This is not a Contractor License. This is simply a number that anyone can get once they register a business with the state of Florida.  

BEWARE! Think about who you are letting into your home! Some handymen are very skilled; however, many cannot become licensed with the state due to past criminal records.  

To verify who you are hiring is genuinely licensed, please call your local county Building Department or check the state’s website at:

“We know it is because of the customer loyalty that we have been able to stay in business for thing long… so, we truly thank you!” – Chris and Andrea.

Help keep this longstanding, New Port Richey business around for another 41 plus years! Give Pasco Window & Door a call for a FREE estimate on any new product installation job or any of your replacement or repair needs. 727-847-2254 or visit for more information on their products and services.