By Deborah Bostock-Kelley

Serving Trinity and its surrounding areas for twelve years, the husband and wife team of experienced board-certified family physicians, Dr. Stephanie Eldridge and Dr. Amir Shirmohammad (Dr. Shirmo) opened Trinity Family Physicians to provide personalized care for their patients – from age 8 to 108.

As private practice owners and not another corporate-owned medical entity, Trinity Family Physicians treats their new and established patients like family. In fact, it’s in their motto “Let Our Family Care for Yours.”

That difference is huge, especially for anyone who has struggled to have five minutes of a doctor’s time before he darts off to the next patient. These caring doctors have no problem spending quality time to listen to patients.

“Our biggest advantage is our bedside manner and how we truly care about our patients. We are notorious for taking time with our patients. That’s one of the things that people love about us,” explained Dr. Shirmo. “When they come here, they know that they are going to get excellent care. If we can’t handle your situation, we’ll find the right person that can for you. Patients at our practice feel like they are heard and are not just a number.”

Not only are patients not a number at Trinity Family Physicians, but they will soon be expanding their service hours to accommodate often busy schedules. Patients will be able to see the doctors as early as 8:00 am and as late as 5:15 pm. Dr. Shirmo recommends calling early for the extended hour appointments, as those time slots tend to fill the fastest.

For those unable to make the drive to the practice, Drs. Eldridge and Shirmo conveniently provide superior care to established patients via their new state-of-the-art tele-visit service. Current patients can download an app and connect face-to-face with the doctors via a computer or smart device. If insurance doesn’t cover tele-visits, the practice is offering a discounted rate of $39 for the next 60 days.

“We try to understand the obstacles patients face and we try to address those,” said Dr. Shirmo. “As the owners of the practice, if things make sense and changes need to be made for the betterment of the community and our patients, we are motivated and excited to help. It doesn’t take an act of congress to get it done.”

The doctors are proud that they handpick all of their staff – from the front desk receptionist that greets their patients coming and leaving, to the nurse that takes them to the examination room, to the providers overseeing their wellness and care.

“If we wouldn’t trust them with our own family – our kids, we certainly wouldn’t trust them with your patients’ family, kids, and grandparents.”

Sometimes, even if children have had their annual physical covered by insurance earlier in the year, sports participation in the new school year requires an additional sports physical for completion of a sports participation form. Without insurance covering a second physical, the cost can often be more than a parent wants to pay. To help reduce the expense, parents can schedule their child’s sports physical with the practice for the reduced price of $25, now through September 31st.  Please call the office for details.

When not busy taking care of patients in their office, the doctors also support their community through participation with local charities.

“One thing that patients want is to make sure that doctor caring for them has their best interests in mind. Whether it’s Dr. Eldridge, myself or our staff, we always genuinely have the patients’ best interest in mind. We want to do what’s right for them. That’s first and foremost. We’re committed to our patients and our community. When patients make the switch from their doctor to us, they come to understand that and wish they had changed a long time ago,” Dr. Shirmo paused. “We don’t just clock in and clock out. This isn’t a job for us. This is a calling.”

Trinity Family Physicians is located at the corner of Trinity Blvd. and Duck Slough Blvd. at 1817 Cypress Brook Dr., Suite 101 in Trinity. Hours are Mon. – Fri., 8:30 a.m.– 5:00 p.m. Starting October 1, hours will be Mon-Thurs 8:00-6:00 p.m., Friday 8:00-5:00 p.m. For more information, call (727) 834-8377 or visit their Facebook page or website at