By:  Kelly Stuart Williams

Have you been committed to taking that long overdue, “grand” vacation, but you didn’t feel you could leave home, knowing that Florida’s storm season is upon us? With daily brown-outs and multiple days of electrical outages during a tropical storm or hurricane, we know that we can lose everything in our freezers and refrigerators if we are without electricity for an extended period of time.

Phoenix Power Systems has a back-up plan for that! Located at 6304 Benjamin Road in Tampa, Phoenix Power Systems is a Briggs & Stratton® dealer that features standby generator monitoring by InfoHub™: technology that allows you and your service provider to constantly monitor your generator by logging in to your mobile device or retrieving text messages and/or e-mail alerts. It’s affordable, and monthly or yearly subscriptions are available, so pricing is reasonable for families and small businesses.

To further help with preventing a power outage, InfoHub™ can be programmed to provide generator maintenance or service reminders.  Many clients prefer to have those generator maintenance alerts sent directly to Phoenix Power Systems, their servicing dealer, for ongoing monitoring, quick repair, and troubleshooting.

When installing your Briggs & Stratton® generator, InfoHub™ can be included as part of your installation so that when the generator’s status changes, you and/or your service provider receives an alert to your e-mail or phone. “It lets you be in control of your standby generator no matter where you go.”

A recent call to Phoenix Power Systems related the following story from Kevin Warren, Engineered Energy Equipment in Lakeland, “I’m a deer hunter (not a trophy hunter) who stores enough meat in our freezer to last us for a year.  My son returned home after Hurricane Irma when he found that all of his food had gone bad, and his home was a mess after the freezer and refrigerator had been without power for over a week. I have an overseas vacation planned, and I won’t be home to run my generator if a power outage occurs. Like a lot of Floridians, I have a manual generator that runs on diesel fuel, so I have to keep fuel in my garage, and that worries me too.”

Amelia Mulholland, Phoenix Power Systems, explained to Mr. Warren that their Briggs & Stratton® generators are run on Natural gas or liquid propane, so there is no refueling needed, and there is no need to store diesel and gasoline which can create dangerous fumes and a fire hazard. When the power goes out, their standby generators automatically start in as little as ten seconds. Food in coolers and freezers stays safe. 

Most of us, however, are home during storms that do not require us to evacuate.  With Florida’s heat and humidity, our living arrangements can quickly become unlivable, and who wants to uproot our families or pay for a hotel or motel room when the air conditioner and lights can stay on?  Backup generator owners can maintain their family’s comfort while their home’s needs such as lights, water heater, refrigerator, air conditioner, etc. stay on during an outage.

These days, many of us work out of home offices, and a power outage means we have no Internet, Wi-Fi, mobile device chargers, or landlines to operate our businesses. Keeping the lights on and critical business applications running smoothly can be crucial, if you own or run a business. With a backup generator, you can reduce downtime and lost revenue. The Phoenix Power Systems generators can power it all, from a small business to a high tech luxury home.

For larger businesses, Phoenix Power Systems provides Commercial Backup Generators that operate as standby generators to keep a business’s doors open to serve customers during an outage that lasts hours, days or even weeks. Backup power equipment meets the most demanding needs of virtually any commercial operation including stores, offices, restaurants, and small to medium manufacturing and industrial operations.

Many of our Florida residences are “second homes,” and many of our residents reside in or travel in RV’s. Phoenix Power Systems specializes in services for all makes and models of RV generators and provides in-shop or mobile service on all makes and models. Florida’s “snowbirds” can rest assured that no matter how often they travel or where they go, their backup generators will keep their homes powered regardless of the weather.

As well, Phoenix Power Systems provides generator tune-ups, repairs, engine rebuilds, control boards, voltage regulators, carburetor cleaning, and voltage and frequency adjustment. Generator maintenance includes oil, oil filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, and air filter.

As a standby generator company in Tampa that specializes in the sales, service, and repairs of emergency generators, Phoenix Power Systems can take care of all your back-up power needs whether you own a home, business, or RV. Please call or e-mail to make an appointment for your FREE ESTIMATE​ at 813-885-6801 or