By Deborah Bostock-Kelley

From the moment you walk through the doors of Pranique Yoga and Wellness Center, you can feel your shoulders start to relax as the trials of the day begin to recede. You’ve made it to a healing oasis tucked away in Oldsmar – a serene dwelling offering unique services to stressed-out Tampa Bay Area residents and visitors. Now is the time to focus on self-healing rather than sit in all of that regional traffic and stew in your own acidic juices. Instead of being aggravated, you can steep in tranquility by actively making a choice towards balance. Fortunately, Pranique has been created with you in mind – offering a one-stop-shop for you to reach your bliss.

The experience begins as you’re greeted by a welcoming smile from the receptionist. The air is scented and you hear the background melodies softly wooing you towards nirvana. Off to the side, you can catch a glimpse of a mystical orange glow emanating from the Himalayan salt cave. The cave is an out-of-this-world getaway away designed to transport you to other places right in your own backyard. It’s a space that beckons you in, to let go of the day and bathe in its subtle healing properties. One step into this unusual realm and your transformation have already begun. You’re ready to make positive choices in your life and indulge in the many options at Pranique.

Besides the Himalayan salt cave and a full yoga class schedule, the locally owned and operated studio offers many health and wellness features including Hot Box Detox, Far-Infrared Cocoon, Far-Infrared Sauna, Far-Infrared Jade Massage Bed, and Aqua Massage Bed – each aiding in detoxifying the body, reducing pain, clearing the mind, regulating the nervous system, and boosting immunity. 

Before you even enter the building, you can start to find your center by walking the meditative Labyrinth, which is the first of its kind in Oldsmar. An ancient universal pattern found in all cultures, a Labyrinth, is a place to escape the stress and quiet the mind. Unlike a maze, it is a single circular path that winds its way to the center. Used symbolically as a walking meditation, it promotes self-reflection, holistic healing, and peace work. If you haven’t tried it, maybe this first simple step towards your wellness is the right one for you to take. After all, yoga teaches that there is no time like the present to begin this sacred journey.

There is one very busy lady responsible for sustaining all of the magic to be found. In September 2018, Amy Olshanski bravely took sole ownership of Pranique (which was initially opened in October 2015). Named from combining Prana (breath) and unique, Pranique has become established as a place where men and women of all ages can find emotional, physical, and spiritual healing in a quiet space.

Amy has firsthand knowledge of what it’s like to be overworked, and she has dedicated her life to making her place succeed. Recently celebrating her first anniversary, Amy is a firm believer in giving back to the community that welcomed her. She regularly offers discounts on annual memberships and brings in local experts in their holistic fields for weekend workshops. Pranique’s Facebook page, updated continuously, showcases new events coming to the center.

In November, Pranique will begin hosting two special free monthly yoga meditation classes – one for military personnel and the other for members of The Phoenix, a nonprofit drug and alcohol rehabilitation organization.

Pranique is also a local drop-off location for Blanket Tampa Bay, a nonprofit that helps our homeless community. Through December 17, a collection box will be in their rear sitting room to collect new and gently used blankets. With drop-off locations throughout Tampa Bay, it is the 2019 goal of Blanket Tampa Bay to distribute 1500 blankets on Christmas Eve at Trinity Cafe.

Amy is the proud owner of two rescue dogs, often official greeters at the studio, and on December 7, Pranique has partnered with Suncoast Animal League for an afternoon titled “Party for the Pups.” The event features Yappy hour with the pups, a red carpet adoption event with Suncoast Animal League rescue, food, and drinks for humans and dogs, live music with Brett Wilkins, and specials on yoga and other Pranique services. Pranique invites the community to celebrate the joy of pet ownership and maybe even bring a new four-legged friend home.

Speaking of going home, when members leave the center, they can take their wellness “to go,” continue the healing and enhance their Pranique experience with a selection of natural CBD products. “The CBD line has been a game-changer for me,” said Amy.

Next year brings even more significant and more exciting changes to the studio as yoga patrons will be able to sign up for the 200hr certified Yoga Teacher Training beginning in January. Students will have the option to simply take their practice to the next level or share what they’ve learned with others. Amy suggests calling to register as space is limited. The Pranique Yoga Teacher Training is also a sponsor of the Annual BREATHE Yoga Cruise in December 2019.

Many fantastic opportunities and options for the weary wanderer to find respite and inner solace can be found through the specialized services at Pranique. Even though the darkest time of the year is starting, Pranique is established as a beacon of light in Oldsmar for you to find inner peace. 

“Namaste, y’all,” said Amy.

Pranique is located at 400 North Racetrack Road, Oldsmar. To learn more, call 813-510-4972 or visit