Development is booming in Trinity/Odessa, which means many more ankle sprains and head colds. For those who can’t wait to see their primary care provider, Doctor’s Urgent Care is now open to address the sudden medical needs of a growing community.

At the same time, Doctor’s Urgent Care, he says, will not hesitate to expedite a visit to the emergency room if a patient has serious chest pains or other grave condition.

“We’re here to help those who have a debilitating condition, but their illness or injury isn’t serious enough to visit the hospital ER,” explains Dr. David Dean, the clinic’s medical director, adding that around 90 percent of ER visits can be handled by an urgent care clinic. 

The staff’s caring approach is apparent on first observation. Dr. Dean, the director of two additional Doctor’s Urgent Care locations in Palm Harbor and Holiday, inspires his staff to treat patients with concern and respect. Observing him on the job, you can’t help but notice how unlike he is from the hurried, robotic doctors we deal with too often today. Dr. Dean and his staff listen, smile, provide eye contact and commit to meeting their patients’ needs with no short cuts. 

Doctor’s Urgent Care’s facilities are just as welcoming. The reception staff warmly welcomes people with colds, flu, minor injuries and those who require minor procedures and vaccines in a timely fashion. Colorful aquatic and tropical photography, inspired by Dr. Dean’s past scuba-diving adventures, impart a relaxing mood, and the immaculate waiting room offers a widescreen TV as well as comfortably stylish decor.

Also notable, Dr. Dean administers a minimal amount of paperwork, so patients aren’t burdened during a difficult time to read and sign pages upon pages of repetitive documents.

But is it affordable? While the clinic accepts a wide number of insurance policies, in addition to all workers’ compensation and motor vehicle accidents insurance, Doctor’s Urgent Care also sets fair costs for self-pay, which you can review on their website at

The doctor shares that those with no insurance or a high deductible plan can use the service FairMedCare (, a network of physicians and patients created to ensure accountability, cost fairness and transparency. The network is free to join, too.

Disclaimer: Dr. Dean is a co-founded FairMedCare with medical colleagues and other Tampa Bay professionals. He shares that they came up with the concept after a friend received a bill for an expensive ear cleaning procedure, which was done incompletely and cost more than $300. 

“This sort of egregious overcharging wouldn’t happen with FairMedCare,” Dr. Dean affirms. The FairMedCare network, he explains, provides assistance with scheduling and finding a physician, and they also update patients on charges via text message. Costs are reviewed and approved before any funds are deducted from patients’ credit card or HSA/FSA account. No hidden charges or alarming surprises.

Further emphasizing that patients aren’t just shuffled in and out, Dr. Dean makes follow-up another priority. If patients visit with the flu or other condition that is not immediately resolved, they will get a call in four days to assess recovery and if another visit or medication is needed. 

Keeping up with changes in the medical establishment is an ongoing challenge. Dr. Dean, who’s been in practice for 21 years, endeavors to keep up with regulatory and pharmaceutical changes, working closely with his staff to figure out how they can solve the unnecessary problems of glitches in the system.

He shares that he and his staff collaborate to find ways to address problems created by pharmaceutical companies and other corporate-owned medical industries. Among the issues discussed, antibiotic stewardship remains one of their core responsibilities.

“On seeing the challenges patients have faced dealing with long waits to receive prescriptions, we started ordering certain antibiotics and Prednisone at wholesale cost,” Dr. Dean explains, “so we can now offer them free of charge during the patients’ visit. No one should wait to treat an infection, which can mean the difference between life and death.”

While antibiotics aren’t difficult to come by, Dr. Dean treats the problem of superbugs and antibiotic resistance seriously and strictly prescribes the meds to people with symptoms of a bacterial, not viral infection.

At the heart of Dr. Dean’s modus operandi is a mission to provide immediate care and professional accountability, as well as fairness and cost transparency.

“We provide high-quality, professional and affordable care and treat you like our family,” Dr. Dean assures. “Our services are designed to prevent unnecessary emergency room visits. At Doctor’s Urgent Care, you will get qualified and expert medical care for your medical necessities right here locally.”

Married with three children, Dr. Dean spends his few days off traveling, learning about new cultures and people, scuba diving and participating in community service.

He earned his medical degree from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia in 1998, graduated from the University of Miami Residency program in Family Medicine in 2001 and has worked in outpatient Family Medicine. He has also worked as an inpatient Hospitalist and an urgent care physician since 2006.

“I’m motivated by a passion to provide assistance in a time of immediate need,” the acclaimed M.D. affirms. 

Doctor’s Urgent Care is located at 13256 State Road 54, Odessa (near Trinity). Hours are 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday-Friday; 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. For more information, call 813-920-0023 or visit