By:  Kelly Stuart Williams, MA

After most of us spent March 2020 – May 2020 sheltering in place (at home), many of us may have  gained weight (the Covid 15), lost muscle, learned Zoom networking skills, and lost some cardio fitness.  If that were re-phrased into a multiple choice question, I would need to answer, “All of the above.” By the end of May, I was easily fatigued, losing focus, and feeling unmotivated.

I knew I needed a RE-SET to RE-STORE.  But where to begin? Should I join a fitness Boot Camp or spend a month at a luxury spa in Malibu? Maybe I should go on a crash diet?  Unfortunately, none of those options were viable for me—physically or financially.  I have low blood sugar issues that make dieting and depletion exercise a little tricky, and I did not want to do anything that would send me to the doctor or weaken my immune system.  I needed affordable and accessible wellness, but where to go?

What was a safe way to RESTORE my energy and optimize my body to get back in shape? Through the Carrollwood Area Business Association (CABA), I had learned about Restore Hyper Wellness in Carrollwood.  My thinking was that they were geared more to tri-athletes or people with chronic injuries.  Again, “All of the above.” 

What I didn’t know was that Restore Hyper Wellness was the ideal place for people like me.  As a mother of three (3) adult children, I have spent much of my time focused on their needs.  One daughter has recently made me a mother of the bride and a grandmother.

  As a business owner and solopreneur, I often put my clients’ needs above mine.  So what’s wrong with this picture?  Well, let’s just say I didn’t recognize myself in my daughter’s wedding pictures.  I looked as tired as I felt, and I knew it was time to make a change.  I didn’t need a drill sergeant, but I did need a Coach, and I found a great holistic coach who set me up on a 10-Day-Holistic-Detox:  the RE-SET.  I was successful with the first-half of the detox, but I needed something more:  the RE-STORE!

I visited Restore Hyper Wellness where I met the owner, Kristen Prentice, who had e-mailed all CABA members with this message, “We offer cryotherapy, infrared sauna, IV drips and intramuscular shots for immunity and wellness, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, as well as Hydrafacials.” What did I need? “All of the above.”  

In behavior change science, we acknowledge that taking the first step toward any change always is the most difficult. Change is challenge.   I’ve had this tendency to want to change everything at once:  all or nothing mentality.  Often, that mind set makes everything seem overwhelming, so I remain status quo.  This time, I stepped out of my comfort zone to embark on a new wellness plan; it felt empowering.

After a tour of Restore Hyper Wellness, I decided I wanted to start with one thing:  rejuvenate my body with hydration and nutrients in the form of an IV Drip.  I was assigned to Erin, an incredibly friendly nurse who took lots of time explaining my treatment options, and she contacted a Nurse Practitioner who cleared me for a “Myers Cocktail,” the gold standard of delivering intravenous vitamins and minerals directly into the body.  In fact, I was given the “Myers Gold” which was infused with extra Magnesium.

I was five days into my 10-Day-Holistic-Detox, and I needed the extra hydration. The Myers Cocktail helped push me across the finish line.  Kristen explained that while we may orally take a lot of good supplements, only a small percentage of those nutriceuticals make it into our bloodstream.  Most are poorly absorbed through our intestinal system, and many are grabbed by our liver.  An IV Drip ensures that we are getting hydration into our bodies and nutrients into our cells.

I was SO impressed with my treatment, the facility, and the friendly staff that I made a choice for me.  I joined Restore Hyper Wellness as a “Couples” member, so I can share some of this recovery and rejuvenation with my significant other, at a discount: affordable and accessible!

Today, I have successfully completed my 10-Day-Holisitc-Detox, and I am returning to Restore Hyper Wellness for my next IV Drip.  There are many options from which to use, but I chose the Glutathione treatment, because I think my liver and immune system could use a little love.  I attribute my success (look better, feel better) to the coupling of a holistic health coach with an affordable, accessible wellness plan from Restore.

What’s next? I’m back in the gym, so I plan to incorporate Restore’s Stretch Base Therapy and Compression Therapy into my wellness plan.   Stay tuned readers! This Granny plans to be climbing mountains and hiking trails, before the end of 2020.  We’ve only just begun to RE-STORE and RE-SET!

If you want to look better/feel better, give Kristen a call at 813-909-6923, or e-mail her at  Check out Restore Hyper Wellness in the Carrollwood Village Center next to the Melting Pot, or visit today.