By Carla M. Dubis Tedeschi

It is the most wonderful time of the year! 

Christmas is all about family, friends, good food, and a cozy home in which to enjoy them all.

No matter how you celebrate your holidays this season, don’t let them become overrun by the stresses of selling your home. 

Selling or buying property any time of the year, but particularly during the Holidays, could be an extremely overwhelming process. Still, if you have the right person working with you, especially during these ever-changing real estate market trends, you’ll be in good shape for the new year.

With a near-half-century career, second-generation realtor Laurie Powell Neiman says the holidays may be a great time to sell your house. 

“Inventory is usually low, so if you list during the Holidays, you already have an advantage. We have a lot of tourists and people from out of state coming down to visit Florida year-round. Still, there are even more visitors during this time of the year as people from up north come down to escape the cold winters. Many families are looking for their new forever home or a potential vacation/investment property,” says Laurie.

 “It also presents a unique opportunity to create a cozy environment that you can’t present during the spring and summer months. Many Tampa Bay homes are nicely decorated with Christmas ornaments and lights during the holidays; Smells of pine trees and apple pie-scented candles fill the air, making homes feel inviting and even more appealing to potential buyers,” she added.

When you sell your home during the holidays, you will face less competition, find more serious buyers, and may even be up for a quicker sales process. 

Let Laurie Neiman handle all the nitty-gritty, so you can sit back and enjoy the blessings of the season instead of worrying about adapting your schedule and observances to meet the demands of potential buyers.

Laurie has the experience, knowledge, and resources necessary to make any of your real estate transactions a breeze, no matter the season! She will be able to guide you through the home buying/selling process with an unbiased eye, helping you meet your buying objectives while staying within your budget.

While in high school, Laurie worked as a secretary at her mom’s office on weekends. After graduation, she continued in the real estate business, earning her sales associates license, and by 1978, she earned her broker’s license. By 1991, Laurie became the broker/owner of the two offices in New Port Richey and Springhill. She sold to Prudential, which is now Berkshire Hathaway, in 2008.

Neiman prides herself on being a “one-stop shop for her clientele.” She jokes that she “has a guy” for everything a buyer or seller could need. And she’s not kidding.

“Every person’s needs are different and change with the seasons. I do a lot of business in the 55+ community. And I help people with absolutely everything. I don’t just help sell the house. I help people find the mover, stage their homes, clear their clutter,  and other services needed.

Laurie combines modern web advertising with tried and true, old-fashioned print and postcard promotion and even hosts beautiful open houses. “Helping you stage your property to display pride of ownership will undoubtedly help you sell it for what it’s worth. Some people call open houses old-fashioned, but many go to open houses to get a better feeling than they could experience through photos or perfectly edited videos.  When I have an open house, the home often sells within a week.”

People who have worked with Laurie say, “if you want to get the most for your money, you should list with Laurie because she knows the values and what’s what in the neighborhood.”

Laurie currently works for Re/Max Marketing Specialists, a Realtec Company, one of the largest Re/Max Franchises in Florida.  Nathan Krueger, her broker provides a wonderful environment for the agents to grow their business and provide exceptional service to their customers.  His care and dedication to being there to support the agents is awesome.

Laurie is grateful for the unwavering support of her husband, Joe, and daughters, Angel and Lauren, who know she is all about helping people however possible.

“I enjoy helping others. People know I listen to what they want and need, whether they are buying or selling a house.”

Laurie goes above and beyond to help you accomplish any real estate goals.

“A house is most people’s biggest financial asset, so I work hard to be sure their needs are met. I don’t like to see anyone get taken advantage of. Everybody needs a safe place to call home and someone to care about them. I’m faith-based. I think the Lord knows this is a calling for me. He gives me people who need help, and I try to take good care of them. This is my passion and my ministry.”

No need to wait, no need to stress. With Laurie Neiman on your side, it’s always the best time of year to sell your home or acquire a new one!

Call Laurie Powell Neiman of Re/Max Marketing Specialists for all your real estate needs at 727-385-0877.