By Tom Bostock

It’s the nineteenth hole, and, no surprise, you are the one buying the rounds of drinks… again. You wonder what your partners know that you don’t. How did they suddenly get so good? Is it a new putter you know nothing about, or did they spend weeks on the greens, sharpening their skills, taking lessons from the country club pro? 

What if the solution is as simple as a meeting with Turf Pro Synthetics, your local experts in professional turf installation? Countless of your friends and neighbors, already satisfied customers, are singing their praises and not just for the turf work either. Here are what just a few of them wrote in their unsolicited testimonials, giving Chip Hunziker and his team consistent five-star ratings:

“The team at Turf Pro Synthetics did a fantastic job with our artificial turf project in our backyard. We knew this would be a difficult job going in. The job required a combination of first laying down pavers followed by precisely cutting turf bands and laying them down meticulously between these pavers thereby creating a diagonal steppingstone type of paver-turf combination pattern. 

Turf Pro were truly “Pros” at accomplishing this difficult task. Our family absolutely loves the job they have done, and not only do we spend a lot of time there, but it also has turned out to be an amazing accent piece in and of itself. Thank you Chip and the Turf Pro Team. You guys are truly the best!” 

Lohith B.

“Chip was able to facilitate installation of a putting green in my backyard that I’m extremely pleased with. The price was extremely fair, and the job completed in an expeditious manner. Would definitely recommend.”

Nic C.

“From having Chip, the owner come out to give us a quote, to having the finished product, the process was seamless. Everything was straight forward and fair. Our wasted space is now a fun and functional space for our family and our puppy! Would definitely recommend Turf Pro Synthetics.”

Tiana D.

Turf Pro was amazing. They were very prompt, professional, and it was done with quality craftsmanship. I highly recommend Turf Pro to anyone looking to add artificial turf.

Tim P.

The pandemic of COVID-19 may have curtailed many of our social activities in 2020, but it can’t eliminate our Florida love of the outdoors. With social distancing and other coronavirus restrictions, your yard is the ideal, safest place to be. Why not take 2021 to reclaim your own outdoors? Turf Pro Synthetics can help. Avoid the hassle of drives to the putting green and constantly increasing country club fees. Take strokes off your game with your own putting green in your back, side yard or on your condominium patio. It’s as easy as a phone call to Turf Pro Synthetics.

Pet areas and playgrounds are growing in popularity, too, as families transform their outdoor areas to enjoy and love their space. Are you wondering why you should consider installing artificial turf for your yard? Consider just a few of the many advantages. It’s a time saver. If you are anything like me, mowing the lawn is one of my least favorite chores. Other than rinsing it off occasionally, or raking it slightly, artificial turf is virtually maintenance-free. Plus, no watering or harmful chemicals.

Recent advances make its appearance almost indistinguishable from real grass, and there are no weeds to pull or fertilizers needed, ever. All you need to do is enjoy it. Because Turf Pro Synthetics installs turf from a variety of companies, they can always help you select the right product for your project, with warranties from eight to twenty years, depending on the manufacturer. 

With its ability to drain completely, leaving no puddles, regardless of how much water splashes from your pool, artificial turf makes the ideal replacement product.  

Turf Pro Synthetics can work with your landscape professional’s plans, on your commercial project, or directly with you. It’s your choice. Chip and his team will design the yard of your dreams. After the initial consultation, they offer full service, from complete removal of existing grass and excess plants to your completed project, secured and ready for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come. 

There may be other competitors, but there is only one Turf Pro Synthetics, your consummate artificial turf professional. Call today (813) 546-4627 and begin enjoying your green and inviting maintenance-free yard, putting green or pet area tomorrow. 

Visit their website today,, for more information or to request a free appointment. As their site promises, “Turf Pro Synthetics does not buy, sell, trade or install used turf. We provide only the highest quality of new professional grade artificial turf,” with the customer service to match. 

Turf Pro Synthetics, serving Tampa Bay and the surrounding communities.