By Tom Bostock

“Robert, I think we need to take a look at this.” Dr. Leo Vieira, educated at University of Maryland, was talking with his long-time business partner and friend, Dr. Robert Ferreira, referring to medical marijuana. “Some of our patients are looking for alternatives to traditional medicine and I think this is an answer.” Both doctors are board-certified in Family medicine with accolades such as Chief Resident and Resident of the Year in their residency training. Dr. Robert Ferreira, educated at Michigan State University, was skeptical. 

He had been in private practice for over 20 years, held a respected position in the Trinity community and had never considered marijuana as an option for his patients. Nowhere in his medical training had marijuana been mentioned as a medicine. Nonetheless, he set out to educate himself about it. After the two doctors had completed over 50 hours of seminars, continuing medical education and online courses, they were convinced.   Medical marijuana had decades of sound scientific data and a proven track record.

Why hasn’t the medical community embraced this medicine that was used in ancient China and during the Roman Empire thousands of years ago and is still being used today?

Through their education and training, they learned how medical marijuana works in the human body – through the Endocannabinoid system which regulates the balance of all the other systems in the body, from electrical activity in the brain, the immune system to intestinal function. In fact, every mammal on the planet has this in their bodies – it is part of us and is a part of nature and most importantly, IT WORKS! 

November of 2016, the amendment to legalize marijuana passed by a whopping 71% – more than any other amendment in Florida history.  Even though the federal government continues to classify marijuana as a schedule I drug (having no medicinal value), a more enlightened Florida electorate passed the amendment. People have pushed passed the stereotype of a long-haired, sandal-clad hippie getting “high” and are pursuing medical marijuana for their suffering. They are in pain, afflicted with crippling diseases such as Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis.  These patients do not want to get “high;” they just want relief from their symptoms. Medical marijuana can offer this.

After forming their medical marijuana clinic, Trinity ReLeaf, they realized that much misinformation still exists about medical marijuana.  It is not “smoking pot.” Smoking burning leaves of any kind has detrimental health effects; doctors are not going to recommend this. To the advantage of the consumer, medical marijuana in the state of Florida is highly regulated. It is a “vertical” process. 

The seeds are planted in Florida, harvested here. The active compounds are extracted here, and the dispensaries are here also. Every seed is numbered and followed through plant adulthood. Furthermore, dispensaries are required by law to have an independent, third-party lab test their products for purity and the absence of harmful chemical-like insecticides.  Recreational marijuana offers no such assurances.

Another benefit is its safety. No one in the history of mankind has ever died from an overdose of marijuana alone. Approximately 128 people die every day in America from opioid overdose (oxycodone, Vicodin, fentanyl, etc.).   Medical marijuana is safe and, even if large doses are ingested, no long-lasting detrimental effects are incurred. 

In the past, marijuana has been categorized as a “gateway” drug to using other drugs.Trinity ReLeaf physicians refute this.  “It should be seen as an “exit” drug – a medicine to help people get off harmful medicine like Percocet, Xanax, Valium and Tramadol.”

Unfortunately, trying to wade through the state bureaucratic morass associated with getting a medical marijuana registry card can be daunting.   This is where Trinity ReLeaf excels. They are committed to excellent patient service. They walk their patients through the legal system, provide education regarding medical marijuana and even see their patients in their first follow-up visit at no-charge to ensure they are getting the outcomes they desire and provide more guidance, if necessary.  In short, they truly care about their patients.  

Trinity Releaf has several educators on-site who spend the time the patient needs to become comfortable managing their medical marijuana. They screen potential patients and offer a money-back guarantee on their certifications. 

What can qualify someone for medical marijuana?  The list includes: anxiety, depression, chronic pain of any type, cancer of any type, insomnia, Crohn’s disease, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Parkinson’s disease, neuropathy, to name a few.

How do you get started?  Simply go to and fill out their brief form and you will be contacted within one business day.   Alternatively, a patient can call directly (727-645-6900) during normal business hours (8 AM to 5 PM) and many times can be seen within the week, if not the same day.  

Dr. Ferreira and Dr. Vieira and their caring, professional staff are here to serve you; conveniently located at 2044 Trinity Oaks Boulevard, Suite 220, Trinity, Florida. Don’t suffer needlessly when help is as close as a phone call away. Call Trinity ReLeaf, your home for relief through medical marijuana.