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By Deborah Bostock-Kelley

There’s an oasis in the heart of Carrollwood, only a month old, disguised as part of a shopping complex. With a vibe of Morocco meets Miami, Renew Spa and Wellness offer high-end services at an affordable price. Director Toni Anne Mastroianni has over 20 years’ experience in the spa & retail industry. She handpicked the results driven products lining the wood paneled walls and displays to include the highest quality products with a reasonable price tag.

“The concept for Renew really came from 20 years in the spa business,” she explained. “I took what I felt were the best modalities, coupled with the best products and put them together in one package.”

Designed with the customer in mind, Toni Anne describes the shopping area as “Sephora meets Apple.” The products are accessible for the customer to test and the employees all have hand-held systems to assist you. Touch screen consoles also make the shopping and checkout process a breeze.

Enter left, just before the refreshment area with infused-water and tea and discover the technology-free Meditation Lounge and six Zero Gravity Chairs, bathed in soothing blue light. The chairs recline helping to put the body in a balanced position, taking the pressure off the back and helping you power down, relax, catch up on some much-needed rest and enjoy a regenerative 20 minute “power nap.”

“There’s countless research that shows power naps in the middle of the day make you more productive. Meditation and naps help boost your immune system, get you centered, and help you focus on your goals, allowing you to be more productive,” she said.

You can choose to listen to guided meditation playing in your headphones or relaxing music piped through the lounge. The Meditation Lounge can be enjoyed as a service on its own or as part of a package for pre and post treatment.

“We will also have meditation experts come in and actually do guided meditation,” she said. “When you pair in conjunction with massage, it really readies your mind and body to receive a much better massage. That twenty minutes of ultimate relaxation before and after can really bring it to another level.”

Now refreshed from your nap, walk down the long hall with rectangular light and shadow patterns appearing overhead from stunning gold Kozo Moroccan lights that illuminate the walkway.

The three coffee-colored aesthetic rooms feature hydraulic tables to give her aestheticians a more comfortable position during treatments. Toni Anne has taken every scenario into consideration, not just you, but for the betterment of her employees, which in turn gives you the best possible service.

Facials use products by Eminence, an organic brand out of Hungary, popular in luxury hotels like Ritz Carlton and the Four Seasons. “I’m giving the same exact facial and I’m offering it for $59.95,” she said. “We’ve paired it with ZO in order to maximize results for all skin types and conditions. The power of those two products working together is extraordinary.”

In order to provide the best massage, Toni Anne has partnered with Bodhi + Sol utilizing organic essential oils paired with allergy-free apricot oil in a 50 or 80-minute massage within one of the five treatment rooms.

“The oils are sourced right from where they are grown, in season and imported directly to the U.S.,” she said. “No chemical, no fragrance, no manufacturing, vegan, green trade approved, the efficacy of the oil is unmatched. In my years of working with oils, that is the best of the best. Once you experience the massage, you understand what an elevated treatment it is.”

Renew Spa and Wellness also offers oncology massage. “We do a full oncology massage for people with cancer and in active chemo. We can give tremendous relief to people who are in excruciating pain.”

You can also choose to add on enhancements like warm stones for deeper penetration into your muscles, dry brush which encourages cell renewal and you take the brush home, and foot and hand or body scrub with a nourishing body butter application to soften the skin and lock in moisture.

Uniting with Replenish IV Solutions, who have researched and sourced highest quality vitamins that go into their IV drips, Renew Spa and Wellness offers IV Therapy.

“This boosts you from a cellular level to refresh you and get your body on a path to recovery,” said Toni Anne.

Under the direction of medical director Dr. John Sosa, the IV therapy room offers nurses that will provide IV vitamin therapy for weight loss, immune boosts, flu and cold prevention, cancer and chemotherapy recovery and other health ailments. You can also add Vitamin B12 to your IV therapy. Also available, a five-hour drip helps with post-traumatic stress and addiction.

Nurses and first responders receive a complimentary upgrade.

Toni Anne summarized how her concept for the all-encompassing spa came to be:

“I want people to see the world that maybe they don’t drive to every day. This could be a Ritz or a Four Seasons. You receive the equal treatment and just pay less. We have affordable wellness here. Our modalities were chosen for their synergistic relationship. People want to look good and feel good and I really want to help them do that.”

A monthly membership is $59.95 and includes a massage, facial, or IV drip plus a 20-minute session in the Meditation Lounge.

Renew Spa and Wellness is located at 14352 North Dale Mabry and is open Monday through Saturday 9am – 9pm and Sunday 10am-6pm. To learn more visit or call 813/450.1852 to schedule an appointment.