The Coronavirus pandemic is unlike any crisis a small business has ever faced. But small business owners are nothing if not resilient, and you can get through this with Pasco Hernando SCOREby your side. During these difficult times, everyone is talking about survival, uncertainty, and loss – loss of revenue, relationships, and resources. It’s normal and human to feel fear and uncertainty, to wonder about the future of your business.

At SCORE, we get it. And we’re also here to remind you that you are stronger than you think and more powerful than you know. You are a small business owner, the person who dared to ask what if? The leader who had the courage to take that first step to build a business and a future you believe in.

We know that disasters and economic downturns bring unprecedented challenges. But what if the worst thing that ever happened to your business was the catalyst to unlock your courage once again? What if the obstacle  you  are  experiencing  right  now  is  your  opportunity  to  grow  stronger,  more  agile,  and  more successful than you’ve ever been.

SCOREis a uniquely American organization that synthesizes two historic national ideas: entrepreneurial spirt and  volunteerism. Since 1964, SCOREhas provided expert volunteer mentoring to more than 11 million entrepreneurs and small business owners. SCORE is committed to helping any person succeed in their small business endeavor. SCOREis a resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). SCORE’s vision is to strengthen small business, local communities and America by supporting our nations proud heritage of entrepreneurs seeking opportunities and building success. SCORE’smission is to grow successful small businesses across America, one business at a time. SCORE is proud to have the nation’s largest network of volunteer expert business mentors. SCOREhas more than 10,000 diverse volunteers who are committed to helping small business owners succeed. Locally, Pasco Hernando SCOREmentors will guide you through reopening and recovery of your business. SCORE mentoring is free of charge.

Challenging times call for trusted business guidance and education. With Covid-19 came confusion and tough questions for small business owners about the disruption of operations, impacts to revenue, and the safety of their employees and customers. To answer business owners’ questions, SCOREdeveloped Small Business Resilience Training. Our Resilience Training provides educational materials and online workshops so your small   business   can   adapt,   reopen   and   grow   successfully   through   Covid-19   or   any   disaster.   Visit and learn how to turn today’s obstacles into opportunities for growth.

FREEConfidential,Individual, LocalSmallBusiness Mentoring

PascoHernandoSCOREoffers free confidential, individual small business mentoring. Navigating this unprecedented crisis is new for small business owners, so it helps to have a trusted mentor who can provide guidance along the way.  Our mentors stand ready to conduct mentoring sessions with business owners and future founders during this time of recovery. We can communicate with you by phone, email and video. In the future we will be available for face-to-face mentoring.  Visit our website: to request a mentor.

Share Your BusinessExpertiseVolunteer with SCORE

SCOREis proud to have the nation’s largest network of volunteer expert business mentors. A SCOREmentor is an advisor who helps individuals and small businesses reach their goals. Mentors provide free business advice and education. Volunteering is a way for you to give back, network with business experts, and share your knowledge.  The ideal mentor is empathetic, flexible, and loves connecting to the right resources. You can help in four different volunteer roles:

       Mentor: offer confidential mentoring services

       Subject matter expert: provide focused knowledge based on your professional skills or industry

 Workshop presenter: lead local workshops, seminars and events to help entrepreneurs meet their goals and achieve success

 Chapter support role: share your skills in marketing, tech, finance, fundraising and more to help expand the outreach of SCORE

Whether you have owned your own business, worked in a Fortune 500 Company, currently attend college, or are retired and have a sincere commitment for helping small businesses, there’s a place for you as a SCORE volunteer. Volunteer today at