By Tom Bostock

Welcome to the 21st century! There is something unique about two Tampa recovery, health, and wellness facilities at 13158 North Dale Mabry Highway and 10718 Country way Blvd, respectively. What began in Austin, Texas in 2016 is becoming a staple on the wellness scene in Tampa, a viable alternative to unnecessary drugs and medications.  

When Kristen Prentice and her husband, two former athletes, looked for a franchise two years ago, they wanted to involve themselves with something both cutting edge and health related. The result, Restore Hyper Wellness and Cryotherapy is helping its customers holistically feel better than they have felt in a long time.

You have only to read the tenets of their mission statement to understand the motivation of Kristen and her husband: “We are the passage for all things wellness. We make wellness affordable and accessible to everyone. Hyper Wellness is a lifestyle that improves the lives of our customers.
Because wellness shouldn’t be restricted. Restore your health. Do more of what you love.
Do More.” 

There are four “pillars of hyper wellness” noted on the website. They show what all customers will receive during their visit to Restore:

1.Customers should feel better right away.
2. Services are supported by science and medicine.
3. Services are available to everyone.
4. Scalable, repeatable processes drive affordability.

With holistic healing, health, wellness, drug-free recovery, and non-invasive treatments becoming more and more popular, Restore Hyper Wellness continues to be a leader in the field. After an initial consultation, your Restore professional can suggest any one of, or a combination of, services tailored to your individual needs. With nine different choices, they have something for everyone.

Cryotherapy is an updated version of the ice bath that any former athlete remembers well. According to the website, a treatment of whole-body cryotherapy can help to “reduce inflammation and releases endorphins that help ease pain, boost energy and metabolism, and increase the body’s natural abilities.” It is a wake-up call for your body and ideal for anyone who is in chronic pain and looking for an alternative form of relief.  

Cryotherapy isn’t just limited to whole body. Its facials, applied to the face and neck, relax irritated skin, reduce pore size, and raise collagen production. Ladies, this might be of special interest to you: the facial “increases blood circulation to produce a tighter, more even skin tone.” It helps smooth out fine lines and wrinkles with an increase in collagen production.

Even localized cryotherapy which takes only 10-15 minutes is a definite improvement over the old towel and ice compress, icing a hurt area. Benefits can include reducing swelling, deceasing inflammation, and increasing mobility.

Everyone knows that health fads come and go, but this one that is here to stay, and for good reasons, the I.V. drip. Nourishing your body from the inside out, it is 100% immediately available, compared to oral methods. Restore has taken the drip one step further, offering several I.V options. With the comprehensive micronutrient test, they can formulate “custom drips based on your deficiencies, leading to a healthier you.” 

There are wellness drips to accommodate your every need, from post party to another that energizes, a third for weight management, and one more for detox and antioxidants. Addition ones include the new Myers cocktail to improve your immune function. Athletes, whether it is pre- or post- competition, there is something for you at Restore. There are still many others to choose from, all administered by a licensed nurse for your safety.

Another service available at Restore is stretching courses through their Stretch+ component. Stretching is important for many reasons. The flexibility you achieve reduces the risk of injury while enhancing your physical fitness and reducing muscle tension, fostering physical and mental relaxation. 

As the website notes: “At Stretch+ we are doing more than providing assisted stretching. We are helping customers understand their bodies, giving them an opportunity to unplug from their stressful day, and allowing them to quiet their minds. There is a huge psychological component to stretching that we acknowledge. This goes back to creating an environment where people feel Restored–this is the culture of Stretch+.”

I was unfamiliar with three other services until their website clearly and simply explained them. One was hyperbaric oxygen. According to the site, “Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a noninvasive therapy where users sit or lie in comfortable pressurized chamber while breathing 90%-95% pure oxygen.” The excess pressure causes the blood plasma, all of your cells, tissues and fluids to hold 10 times more oxygen than normal concentration. Benefits of the procedure include the production of more energy at a cellular level.

Photobiomodulation (PBM) Therapy sounds complicated but it is the use of near infrared (NIR) light to reduce pain, inflammation, and edema, drastically aiding in the recovery process. PBM therapy also works at the cellular level, stimulating repair and normalizing cell function. I was surprised to learn the therapeutic use of visible and NIR light has been studied for almost forty years. 

Compression Therapy, the Normatec Recovery System, uses what is called “sequential pulse technology,” pulsing compression, gradients, and distal release to maximize circulation and make you “feel better, train harder, and recover faster.”

Can you see what all these services have in common? They make you feel better and help you be your best. That is essentially what Restore is all about. 

With COVID-19 on everybody’s mind, Kristen and her staff enforce all precautions including mandatory masks, sanitizing all equipment, before and after each treatment, as well as enforcing the social distance rule. They also offer concierge services for some of their services for an additional fee.

There is an option for aches and pains that doesn’t involve pills. Why not join your friend and neighbors and give it a try? All that you will lose are your pains! With two offices to serve you, they are conveniently located from anywhere in the Tampa Bay area. Call or come by today.

Restore Hyper Wellness and Cryotherapy

13158 N. Dale Mabry (Carrollwood) 813 252 5464

10718 Country Way Blvd. (West Chase) 813 510 3104

Hours of Operation:

Mon-Fri 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Sat          9:00  AM – 5:00 PM

Sun        12:00 AM – 4:00 PM