Competition is the guiding principle of business. Underneath the surface, however, there is a deeper satisfaction that success is most appreciated when it’s experienced by the community.  That’s what brought dozens of business owners and Upper Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce members out on a rainy night to officially welcome Megan Gaertner, and business partner Ivonne Zablah, as the newest members of the chamber, to celebrate the launch of their new business, “Salt. The Natural Spa”.  

Guests and friends had a chance to meet the owners and tour the spa.   Megan, who’s originally from Poland and Germany, and Ivonne who is originally from Mexico, are experiencing the American dream of owning their own business and giving their children benefits of salt therapy.

The spa uses the healing power of aerosolized sodium chloride or salt.  The salt is 99.9 percent pure and is processed and dispersed by specialized equipment helping to increase energy, reduce stress and help support the lymph and respiratory systems.

Clients relax in comfortable therapy-room chairs.  The floors are covered with Himalayan rock salt. 

Soft music plays, lights are dimmed, and walls (made from blocks of salt) are illuminated as micro fine salt particles are dispersed in the air. There is a children’s therapy room with a playground.

More conventional spa services like massages and facials are also available. Salt.

The Natural Spa is located at 8375 Gunn Highway in Keystone Professional Park which is in the Citrus Park area of Tampa.  

Check out the Salt web site at for more information or to make a reservation. Enjoy the natural healing power of salt and relax!