How many years have you had the same New Year’s resolution to lose weight, start working out or changing your diet?

If you are truly determined to make 2019 the year you finally reach your goals, then this article is for you. 

Get ready to experience something that is going to improve your life forever! You’ll get abundant energy, have higher self-esteem, a flat stomach, a lifted and firm butt, toned arms and thighs, and all without strict diets or boring workouts. Get ready for the Samantha Taylor Fitness life changing experience! 

When I first met Samantha Taylor, she had 1 location in Land O’ Lakes. Now, almost 4 years later, she has 5 locations across the Tampa Bay area. Her newest studio in Palm Harbor has only been open for a few months, but many health conscious women around town already knew her.  

“I was doing a drive-by to see when the newest location was opening in Palm Harbor,  closer to me. I am familiar with their locations in Pasco and Hillsborough, but too far for Pinellas residents! So glad to see one opening in Pinellas, because I found them to offer the best combo of training for the money and the most expertise in the field, including Coaching and Nutritional Counseling.” – Deborah C.

Samantha Taylor started her personal trainer career in the Westchase area and quickly became one of the top personal trainers of all Lifestyle Gyms before branching out on her own. Her success rate with clients is phenomenal; she definitely gets extraordinary results! 

“I have been a part of Samantha Taylor Fitness for four months and I can honestly say that joining was one of the best decisions of my life. Samantha Taylor Fitness teaches people how to eat properly and workout effectively. It’s way more than just a workout facility. Each month they host nutrition seminars that I never miss, because the information is very valuable and has taught me a lot. They also host member socials with fun activities. My favorite part of Samantha Taylor Fitness are the boot camp classes that I attend.

The boot camp sessions are 30 minutes long and they are the most fun and effective workouts I’ve done. All of the trainers are amazing, they take the time to get to know you and are huge motivators. In the four months that I have been working out at Fit Body Boot Camp I have lost 40lbs and have gained a lot of confidence in myself, not only with how I look, but how I feel and what I am able to accomplish. No matter what age you are or what your health goals are, I highly recommend this place.” – Sarah T.

Samantha Taylor Fitness for Women offers proven fitness and nutrition programs that work. Part of her success comes from her understanding of the issues we all face when it comes to food and nutrition. “I was a food addict,” says Samantha. “Like most people I was taught the wrong way to eat food. I had to learn how to change my relationship with food. I still love food and enjoy it but have made the decision to not eat food that causes diseases and is bad for my body.” 

Samantha says that on her 40th birthday, her husband challenged her to give up sugar. “It seemed like a massive thing to do because I was a sugar addict, but my first goal was to go 3 months without sugar.” 

Samantha says that giving up sugar and other harmful foods does not mean you have to eat bland, boring meals. In fact when you are a member of Samantha Taylor Fitness you have a nutrition educator developing yummy recipes for you and giving you customized grocery lists to make your weekly meal planning a breeze. “Everyone loves the zucchini lasagna,” and the “cauliflower pizza” says Samantha. “For my birthday the staff made our no sugar, low carb, gluten free cheesecake. It is delicious.” Samantha has these and other holiday treat recipes for cookies and chocolate pecan pie posted on her web site for Tampa Bay News & Lifestyles readers to check out. 

“I have lost over 30lbs with Samantha Taylor! Joining this program has been a truly amazing experience!! Women of all ages and sizes come here to do one thing- do something wonderful for their bodies and minds. The workouts are 30 minutes and can be modified to your fitness level. Every class is something new so it’s always interesting. We cheer each other on and the class is over before you know it!! I’m feeling stronger every day!” – Kelly C.

A special offer just for Tampa Bay News and Lifestyles readers this month is 10% off the entire program. “I like to motivate people to start getting in shape regardless the time of the year, but specially after the Holidays. Don’t put it off any longer,” says Samantha. “If you gained some weight during the holiday season, or if you’ve been trying to get in shape and you haven’t had any luck, give us a try and become the best version of yourself in 2019.”

“The neat thing about this update is that it is a 6 MONTH update! That means I found a program that keeps me challenged and keeps me going  and has done so for 6 months! The struggle to workout is real – but – with this group of trainers – you can’t go wrong! As a working Mom, it’s hard to find the time for me.. with this program, I schedule my workout and it forces me to take the ME time that we all deserve!! 

I have never felt so amazing in my life! I am no longer controlled by food and I will never “start over” again!! I don’t feel like I have to hide because of my weight anymore and I can enjoy life NOW – not when I lose all of the weight. This program is amazing – we are all there for the same reason – come be a part of our journey!!” – Danielle J.

Samantha has helped many clients who thought they were too old or too far-gone to lose weight. Her client Kate, just celebrated her 65th birthday by going zip lining, mountain climbing and horse back riding. “When Kate first came to me she was 50 pounds overweight,” said Samantha. “When I met her, she was one of the most upset people I’d met for she felt hopeless. She said she could not believe how fat and old she had gotten and that it was just who she was and she’d come to accept that.” Samantha told Kate that she had to make up her mind to live differently and Kate accepted the challenge because she didn’t have anything else to lose. Fifty pounds later and Kate is a totally different person with a new outlook on life. “I’m so glad that God brought Samantha into my life,” she said. “Feeling this good at 65 and celebrating my birthday like this has been absolutely amazing.”

Samantha also sees a lot of clients who have been exercising their whole lives but have stopped seeing results. “Judy who is 62 worked out for an hour and a half every day for 2 years but was not seeing any results. She joined my program and lost 31 pounds in 4 months. She was overtraining and her nutrition was not in line. She just came to a seminar we held on surviving the holidays without gaining weight and said, ‘I don’t tell myself I’m on a diet just that I made some adjustments to my nutrition. Samantha showed me the way to do that.’”

In addition to the nutritional education and support, Samantha Taylor clients also have a Life Coach cheering them on and helping them through the program and 30-minute exercise programs tailored for the way they want to work out. “We have 2 different types of 30-minute exercise programs. Personal training is a more private, customized training either 1-on-1 or in a semi-private or small group setting and Fitness Boot Camp is a faster paced, more intense group workout led by our personal trainers.”

When you talk to Samantha, her enthusiasm is infectious and her desire to help others impressive. “Our country is in a massive health crisis. One out of 3 people die from cancer and one of 2 suffer from heart issues. We need to change that. My goal is to open 20 locations throughout Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties. My mission is to positively impact 10,000 families in those communities over the next 5 years.” An ambitious goal for sure but one that does not seem impossible when Samantha is taking it on as a challenge. 

“Absolutely love this program! I am very overweight, and working out has been very intimidating. I joined the boot camp in Carrollwood, and I am having a blast! Just finished a six week challenge and lost 24.8 pounds and 20 inches.  You will love the awesome coaches and all of the encouragement that Samantha gives!” Kim M.

If you want to be one of those thousands of people positively impacted, if you’ve struggled with weight gain and are ready to make a change, schedule an appointment with Samantha Taylor Fitness. With just 30 minutes of exercise 2-3 times a week and guided nutritional support; you’ll be on your way to a happier, healthier you.

Samantha Taylor Fitness has studios in Land O’Lakes, Wesley Chapel, Carrollwood, Westchase and Palm Harbor. The Carrollwood location is located at 5020 Gunn Highway, #250. Tampa, FL 33625. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (813) 377-3739 or visit