by Dr. Wayne Adams

 Upcoming Exam Dates: SAT on May 12th, June 4th, and August 27th; … ACT on April 2nd June 11th, and July 16th.

   The Florida Legislature is considering several bills that would expand the qualifications for Bright Futures to include paid work hours as well as volunteer hours. This is meant to help students who need or want to work.

   The lower academic award (around $18,000 over 4 years), called Florida Medallion Scholars Award, currently requires that a student complete 75 hours of volunteer work, along with certain academic requirements. That would include a weighted 3.0 GPA, an ACT score of at least 25, or SAT 1210.

   The higher award (around $25,000 over 4 years), called Florida Academic Scholars Award,  requires 100 hours of volunteer work, plus a weighted 3.5 GPA, and an ACT score of at least 29 or 1330 for the SAT. 

   For more information about this possibility, go to

     To help my parents and students in quickly compare colleges and universities, I have now developed a quick and easy way to get the most current and detailed information available on the Internet. You can quickly find out such information as national ranking, type, ranges of SAT and ACT scores for acceptance, campus life, overall and net costs, starting salaries, mid-career earning levels, and much more. This is particularly helpful when combined with my guide “Negotiating with Colleges” which has helped save my students $1,000 to $10,000/year in college costs.

   This is part of the first half-hour of each prep class where I almost always meet with the parent(s) and student(s) so we can get to know each other, they can hear the philosophies underlying the classes that have proven so successful for my students, and see how I aim for each student and family to have their best possible futures … including doing their best on SAT and/or ACT Exams.  

   As we all move into spring, many SENIORS are working on bringing up their exam scores up to qualify for the 75% or the 100% Bright Futures Scholarship (about $25,000). We have until the last SAT Exam on Saturday, June 4th, to qualify with the SAT, and until the last ACT Exam on Saturday, June 11th, to qualify with the ACT. At this point, it is not unusual to do a “Skill Strengthening” class to improve either the Writing and Language / Reading combined score or the Math score on the SAT, or either the English and Reading combined score or the Math and Science combined score on the ACT. These focused classes are about half the hours of a full prep class. Sometimes, when we are aiming for more improvement, we do the full prep classes.

   My JUNIORS and some SOPHOMORES are usually focused on getting ahead with preparing for the SAT and/or ACT  and either work over the spring, or get set to prepare starting right after school finishes for the ACT in mid-July and/or the SAT the last Saturday in August. For students wanting to do a combination class of ACT and SAT, we can finish either the week just before school resumes in August (with a complementary, additional review class the week before the SAT), or the week before the actual SAT Exam. During the summer, we easily schedule around family vacations, summer jobs, athletic commitments, and “surprises” as they may arise.

   If You Would Like To Talk More About Your Student …Please contact me at 727-253-0639 or send me an email at

Dr. Wayne Adams is one of the leading SAT and ACT tutors in the country.  His students normally improve 200+ points on the Writing, Reading, Writing, and Essay, and Math, and 4 – 7 points on the ACT composite. They have been admitted to 8 of the top 10 universities in the country, 18 of the top 25, and many schools in Florida. These schools include Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Stanford, U Chicago, Duke, U Penn, Johns Hopkins, Cornell, Notre Dame, Emory, UC Berkley, UCLA, USC, UNC (Chapel Hill), NYU, Northeastern (Boston), Boston College, Georgia Tech, Naval – Air Force – Merchant Marine Service Academies, Penn State, LSU, Auburn, UF, U Miami, FSU, USF, UCF, Florida Atlantic, Florida Gulf Coast, FIU, New College of Florida, Stetson, and  Julliard – Manhattan – New England – and Berkley Conservatories of Music. Many have received academic, athletic, or music scholarships. This year, he also tutored three juniors who scored at the national merit finalist/semi-finalist levels on the most recent PSAT. He is a former Dean of a Graduate School of Business and Full Professor and began college teaching at the University of Maryland in 1968. He has degrees and advanced studies at Harvard, Yale, Vanderbilt, Columbia International, and Luther Rice.