By Tom Bostock

Immortalized in song by the virtually unknown song writers, composer, Albert Von Tilzer and lyricist, Jack Norworth, Take Me Out to The Ballgame, represents America’s favorite pastime, baseball. It is a game of teamwork like every other profession. Similarly, like every other team, you don’t always have to hit a home run to be successful in business; the bunts and squeeze plays count just as much as home runs. 

If your patio and pool supply companies keep striking out for you with high prices, limited products, and spotty service, you need to add the family-owned Clearwater Pool and Patio to your starting lineup. 

As owner Alex says, “just give us a chance to get to first base with you; we’ll take it from there.” As an independent, the team at Clearwater Pool and Patio prides themselves on the quality of the products and service they provide to all their customers.   

Alex and his wife Jenny wanted a business that was a valued part of the local community. They wanted to find something that allowed them to help customers with their specific needs forthrightly. Stressing those values in an interview today, Alex openly discussed the philosophy for his store. He said that “he will sell you what you want, not upsell what you don’t need,” a refreshing distinction in retail sales.

We take pride in being your proactive pool professional. We want to keep you educated about how to keep your pool healthy and equipment running properly so you can make informed decisions on how to best maintain your pool investment. Keeping your pool properly maintained will help you avoid larger expenses down the road.

His personal commitment extends to all aspects of Clearwater Pool and Patio. They provide a complete list of services including pool maintenance, pool pump repair and replacement, deck refinishing, pool resurfacing. Whatever your pool needs, Clearwater Pool and Patio can help. 

Simple power washing may return your old, faded pool deck to like new condition for substantially less money. If your request is for a service not provided by Clearwater Pool and Patio, they will help find you a reputable provider. 

With Covid-19 on everyone’s mind, Clearwater Pool and Patio is taking every precaution in compliance with all county, state, and Federal Center for Disease Control guidelines to protect both their customers and their employees. They routinely practice social distancing (6’ foot minimum). Employees wear masks inside their store to protect both themselves and their customers. You will find sanitizing bacterial lotion on all counters.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Clearwater Pool and Patio reacted quickly. They adjusted both their working hours and days to accommodate customer needs. They continue to implement procedures to improve their customers comfort level in their store. 

As a family-owned and run business, Clearwater Pool and Patio offers flexibility rarely available from the large box stores and impersonal on-line providers. The limited warranty on pool equipment will not seem like a bargain when it breaks down and you try to get your provider to honor it. When shopping online, Alex says, “Please, please understand the warranty that comes with online purchases!”

You may pay a little more when purchasing from a professional, but you will get a lot more in terms of the variety of pool and patio-related products and services. The equipment you buy from Clearwater Pool and Patio has a full one-year warranty. 

They select and stock certain manufacturers with the customer in mind. Warranty and technical support aspects are key components of their selection process. As an independent, they don’t limit the products to a single source. If you aren’t certain whose product you want, they will recommend a product and manufacturer to meet  your needs. 

To ensure customer satisfaction, the Clearwater pool and Patio family employs a group of professionals with over 40 years of combined experience. Another husband and wife team are Michael and Danielle. Danielle is the manager while Michael is the Repair and Renovation Manager. 

It isn’t uncommon to find their son Garrett helping Michael in the field. Pool Tech Supervisor, Mark, brings over 12 years of hands-on experience and a loyal following of customers who have been with him for up to 8 years! Serving the pools of our clients with Mark are Gonz and Matt. 

Even Alex and Jenny’s kids get  involved. 18-year-old, UCF college freshman Isaac and 15-year-old sophomore Ian have pitched in to work with the pools over the summer. It is truly a family business!  

If your current provider keeps throwing you curveballs, pinch-hit with Clearwater Pools and Patio. They’ll have you rounding the bases in no time. Put Clearwater Pool and Patio at the head of your lineup today. Call  (727) 791-3100 -27384 US Highway 19 N, Clearwater.