by Thomas Bostock

Celebrations are important parts of the American persona. We don’t even need an excuse, just a memorable moment. It can be a graduation, anniversary, birthday, or any other reason for a party. With so many details and so much stress associated with planning and executing a good party, it is a wonder that anyone ever has one. 

Someone must order the catering, arrange for the entertainment, buy, and send out the invitations or email your friends after agreeing on the guest list. Those are just a few of the tedious, time-consuming elements in your party planning process. Sounds like fun, or does it?

With 2022 already half over, don’t despair, there are still several major holidays yet to celebrate. I’m sure you’ve already located the themed centerpieces for your Halloween bash tables, to make them unforgettable affairs for everyone in attendance, right? No? If not, that could be a problem, but don’t despair, SWAG Party Rentals has it all. 

If the thought of party planning elicits groans rather than sighs of joy, you might want to remember this catchy little ditty: “Skip the bother and skip the fuss. If you are having a party, you need to call us!” The “us,” in this case, is owner Lindsay Williams and the talented professional party planners at SWAG Party Rentals, your one-stop shop for all of your celebration needs. As owner Lindsay noted, “we can save everybody time and stress by planning your entire party, taking the stress off your plate. We can organize and plan all of your vendors.  Most importantly, we are local, reliable, and affordable.”

A family-owned company, SWAG Party Rentals, focuses on your individual party needs. Often overlooked are things as simple as having enough seating for your partygoers. Lindsay assured me that they have enough seating available to accommodate any size party. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if Aunt Edith, who just had a hip replacement, couldn’t find a seat at your party? That can never happen with SWAG Party Rentals. We pay attention to your every event detail. Shouldn’t you be enjoying your party and not worrying about the details?

I asked Lindsay what was the advantage of using SWAG Party Rentals over a competitor. She did not hesitate with her answer. “We are nearby. As a smaller family-run company, we are more flexible with pickups, drop-offs, and special customer requests.” In a previous interview, Lindsay told me that “if someone needed something and it was feasible and reasonably affordable,” she would purchase it and make it available to her customers. The photos included in this article will show the results of some of her recently added purchases.

To enhance any holiday celebration, SWAG Party Rentals can provide a variety of thematic decorations for just about any event. Do you need a scary centerpiece to complete your Halloween table or something with a Pilgrim motif to compliment your Thanksgiving celebration? Would a custom backdrop or wall backstop add just the right touch to your festivities? SWAG can provide them, and they are only a simple phone call away!

Catering to small to midsized groups and family gatherings, SWAG can provide games, products, and services for every age group. Even the latest crazes, corn hole, and a version of step golf are available to add to your party’s entertainment. 

Want to capture the memory of your party for a lifetime? That’s right. SWAG Party Rentals even has an available photo booth. It is one of their most popular attractions and is run by Lindsay’s son, J. B. The colorful strips of photos can be customized to reflect any theme, adding even more fun to any party. There is also a QR code available. Taking a picture of it digitally adds the photos to your cell phone. Lindsay noted that “customers enjoy it!”

In response to reservations, Lindsay said, “ideally, I would like a month in advance, but we are also available at the last minute if necessary. That is where our flexibility comes in.” Call 813 240 5474 or either visit their website at  HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank” or their Facebook page for tips for your next event. Her Facebook page promises: At SWAG Party Rentals, we will create an experience to remember at your celebration.” 

Parties can be fun, memorable, and enjoyable events. Don’t let the stress of planning a party ruin your celebration. Call SWAG Party Rental today! 813 240 5474 Now, get out there and enjoy. Go have a party!