By Deborah Bostock-Kelley

Stretch Rx Founder Ronda Musca wants the community to go through 2020 feeling wonderful. 

From adolescents to senior citizens, health benefits abound at Stretch Rx. After noticing that people were experiencing chronic pain with limited options for pain management, Ronda Musca opened Stretch Rx to fill a void and offer an alternative approach to feeling better, no prescription required.

With a degree in Physical Science and Health Management and years of fitness and wellness expertise, Ronda opened her third fitness company, Stretch Rx, to provide alternative solutions to chronic pain, muscle tightness and poor balance. Stretch Rx is open seven days a week by appointment with locations in Palm Harbor, Westchase, and Naples. Stretch Rx practitioners and massage therapists stretch their clients back to feeling great in private rooms filled with soothing aromatherapy and soft music. 

Using a far-infrared heated ionic BioMat endorsed by The Pope that helps release serotonin, practitioners stretch the client’s body to improve range of motion and flexibility. When done correctly, therapeutic stretching and exercise can improve circulation, reduce muscle tension, decrease pain, help with menstrual cramps and eliminate toxins, among others. 

“Negative ion therapy is perfect for cell regeneration. People with fibromyalgia, arthritis, and generalized pain feel amazing when they get off of this mat,” said Ronda. 

As a complement to these stretching and exercise services, Stretch Rx offers reflexology, massage therapy and ionic foot baths by professionals with at least twenty years of experience.

During a reflexology session, the practitioner stimulates pressure points on the clients’ feet that target various organs in the body to promote blood circulation and detoxification. While clients relax in a massage chair, ionic foot baths pull out toxins from the body during a twenty-minute soak.  At the close of the session, the color of the water indicates what toxins were removed from within the body. If the client wants a massage, Ronda and her team advise the massage therapists where the most work is needed.

Small group Stretch classes of no more than 5 students are available Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:15 am to 9:00 am, and Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:00 pm to 1:45 pm, costing only $15 per person. To participate, interested students must call to pre-register.

“Our stretching classes are designed to be beneficial for all ages and levels of ability. If they can’t get on the floor, they just need to tell us because we’re grouping people of the same abilities and flexibilities.”

For an older person seeking to maintain their strength, flexibility, and balance, Stretch Rx is a great place to feel comfortable. Unlike a gym where you have no way of knowing the level of experience of the person assigned to you, at Stretch Rx, the practitioners have years of experience, possess an exercise science-related degree and/or massage-related license. 

Not only does Stretch Rx work with seniors, they also offer high-intensity conditioning, cardiovascular core-strengthening, and rehabilitation exercising, using your body to do the work, instead of relying on gym equipment. 

“We don’t need to use any fancy equipment. The exercises that I do can be easily carried on at home.”

In November 2019, Ronda further expanded her services, working with a manufacturer to perfect a small-batch CBD full-spectrum (.3% or under THC) topical salve that combined the benefits of essential oils, cooling menthol and Arnica with the pain and inflammation relief of CBD that can be incorporated into a therapeutic stretching, reflexology, and massage session instead of lotion. 

Available CBD products are the Joint Jam® topical salve, Salt Buzz® bath salts, and Bubble Buzz® bubble bath. They are available for purchase on or at Stretch Rx offices in Palm Harbor and Westchase.  

“We use organic essential oils, CBD made in the U.S. grown in small batches, third-party tested, which makes us different from what you’d find in many stores. These have added chemicals in them. Our CBD products are natural, without synthetic fillers. The real deal and they work.”

An added benefit of the products’ use for pain and inflammation is skin relief. Ronda’s clients have seen dramatic reductions in psoriasis, splotched skin and crepe skin. Testimonial client photos are showcased on Joint Jam and Stretch Rx’s Facebook pages. 

Client Douglas Palamara said that his feet caused him extreme pain. Using the topical CBD in reflexology treatment gave him intense relief.

“Between the ionic foot bath and CBD foot reflexology, it’s great. I used to have plantar fasciitis. I put my shoes on and walked out of here. I didn’t even notice any problems with my foot. Before that, I was going for about a year and a half getting cortisone shots from the foot doctor and it didn’t help. This worked.”

To schedule an appointment, clients call and briefly explain any issues that they are experiencing. When they come to their first appointment, the practitioner reviews their health history, pain, accidents and zeroes in on the clients’ specific issues to create a wellness plan customized to their individual needs. 

“What I’m finding in combining modalities – traditional like exercise, stretching and massage with non-traditional BioMat, reflexology, ionic foot bath, and CBD – is just amazing. I want people to feel better and I want it to be done healthily. I love hearing what people say. When I hear that I changed lives, I feel such joy. I love giving my clients a way to feel good.”

For more information about the Palm Harbor, Westchase, or Naples location, visit Stretch Mention this ad to receive $5 off of your first session. Though Stretch RX does not take insurance, its affordable rates are structured much like an insurance copay. They charge $35 for 30 minutes and $65 for an hour. Package rates are also available at a discount. To order CBD products or make an appointment seven days a week, email or call 813-382-2363 Monday through Friday between 9 am and 5 pm.