When I was 13 years old I overheard my mother talk about something called “sciatica.” Twenty years later, I am very familiarized with the term and how painful it is. 

One day you’re dancing the night away and the next day you are taking the trash out and get a horrible lower back pain that completely paralyzes you. Growing older may be inevitable, but pain can be controlled and even eradicated. 

Stretch RX owner, Ronda Musca and her incredible team are here to help you ease your ailments and stretch yourself to wellness.  After talking to clients to get to know more about their unique condition and physical issues, Ronda will customize a wellness plan just for them. It may include BioMat Stretching, massage therapy, personal training or a combination of all three. Stretch RX also offers ionic foot baths that help detoxify your body and reflexology sessions that help stimulate pressure points in the feet.  “We address the whole person,” adds Ronda. When she is assessing clients, Ronda factors in not just pain and tightness but also muscle weakness, eating habits and sleeping patterns. 

I personally had no idea how stretching could help me with my pain and other symptoms, or how bad I was damaging my own body with my sedentary lifestyle. When you have an inactive lifestyle you may lose muscle strength and endurance, because you are not using your muscles as much. Your bones may get weaker and lose some mineral content. Your metabolism may be affected, and your body may have more trouble breaking down fats and sugars. Your body may also have more inflammation and pain. All which could be solved by stretching!

Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy, and we need that flexibility to maintain a range of motion in the joints. Without it, the muscles shorten and become tight. Then, when you call on the muscles for activity, they are weak and unable to extend all the way. Stretching has been shown to improve circulation, reduce muscle tension, prevent injury, decrease pain, increase energy levels, increase lymph flow and eliminate toxins.

Let Ronda Customize a Program Just For You!

Ronda loves getting to know all of her clients and says that seeing a client make an improvement is always the highlight of her day. “I continue to do this for the joy that I get from knowing every single day that I’ve changed people’s lives. Because when people have no hope and are in pain, stretching them so that they can move again, changes everything.”

If you’re tired of being in pain, make an appointment with Stretch RX today. They accept clients from 8 years old to 100 years old for needs ranging from sports stretching to pain relief. They will evaluate your specific needs and design a program specifically for you that will stretch your body and improve your life.

Ready to give Stretch RX a try? Check out these incredible New Client Specials:

$60 for a 1-hour BioMat Stretching and Massage Therapy Combo

$60 for a 1-hour Ionic Foot Bath and Foot Massage Combo

$60 for a 1-hour Reflexology and Foot Massage Combo

Stretch RX has 2 convenient locations: 2445 Tampa Rd., Unit J in Palm Harbor. 
And the Westchase office is located at 10950 Sheldon Rd. 

For more information visit StretchRXFlorida.com. To make an appointment, email StretchRX@gmail.com or call 813-382-2363 Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm. Their practitioners see clients 7 days a week and work by appointment only.