Trinity Yoga Studio offers an oasis of relaxation, fitness and superior yoga instruction for the novice and even most advanced yoga enthusiast. Owner and instructor,

welcomes all students with an interest in yoga and will help guide you to the classes that will enable you to reach your health and fitness goals.

Janel Norton

Originally from Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Norton left her hometown to join the Air Force to be a Combat Camera Photojournalist. This opportunity led her to cover various combats around the world including the Panama Invasion, Monrovia, Liberia and the Bosnian Conflict! In 1994, she worked for the United Nations documenting humanitarian aid convoys throughout the war-torn region before returning to the United States in 1996 when she entered college. As a student of Western Kentucky University, she majored in photojournalism and cultural anthropology. After landing a job with the St. Petersburg Times, she was assigned to cover a story about Bayflite medical helicopter operations. It was then that she met future husband Ray Norton. “He was my reason I hung up my glob-trotting days and made Trinity my home,” she explained.

Yoga, she said, was out of necessity to keep her sanity at first. A friend noticed her stress and anxiety when dealing with career struggles and life changes. “Try Yoga,” her friend said and suggested a nearby studio. “I attended my first hot power yoga class and was completely hooked!” she explained. She carved out as much time as she could to spend time on her yoga mat. “If only I would have had this when I was living in all those war zones,” she said. She realizes now how helpful that would have been to her when dealing with the stress of it all. Realizing the benefits of yoga, she quickly pursued a yoga teacher training program to learn more about the practice of yoga and why it made her feel so good!

Her first class at Trinity Yoga Studio was in 2011. Original owners, Anne Bromberg and Christina Chatfield, were her inspiration to continue to dive deeper into the practice. She never imagined the workout yoga would give her. After only a few months, Norton saw changes in her body she never imagined were possible. “I felt I could handle stress so much better out in the world,” she explained.

Today, Norton is equipped with several certifications; a 200 YTT( Yoga Teacher Training) Yoga Alliance Certificate, Warriors at East Level 3 Certification and an iRest level 2 certification. She will have her YTT 500 completed prior to publication of this article. “Yoga found me,” she said of the career change she faced in her 40’s, while working on her M.A. in strategic communications management at University of South Florida (USF).

After receiving her 200 YTT certification, she approached the owners of Trinity Yoga Studio to ask if she could teach a class. She was allowed to teach a Hatha class once a week. Shortly thereafter, one of the owners approached her to let her know she would be selling her half of the studio. Norton jumped at the opportunity to become part owner of the studio and quickly began teaching ten classes a week. “It was baptism by fire but I loved it,” she explained.

“I knew this studio was poised for growth,” she said. With her husband at her side helping her with all the IT requirements to grow, the couple put their heads and talents together to bring Trinity Yoga Studio into current times with internet presence and updated payment options for their clients. “We started adding more classes, more teachers, introduced some fun Aerial Swing Yoga classes and lots of workshops,” she said. Their efforts certainly paid off! “Our student base quadrupled,” she shared. To meet demand for space, a second yoga room was added so they could run several classes simultaneously.

In an effort to reach others, Norton co-founded Veterans Alternative, a 501c3 non-profit aimed at providing alternative therapies for veterans and active duty service men and women returning home from war. While this effort took her away from the daily requirements to run the studio, she purchased the other half of Trinity Yoga Studio and hired a studio manager to help run the daily operations while she focused on the Veterans Alternative side of things as the Chief Operations Manager. She worked closely with veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She furthered her education to enable her to work with veterans via training with Warriors At Ease, which taught her to teach yoga to veterans. She also gained further education from iRest (integrative restoration) which is a guided meditation technique specifically geared toward people suffering from trauma.

When asked about what sets Trinity Yoga Studio apart from the many yoga studios in the surrounding area, Norton points to the diversity of instructors. “We have over 40 classes that run seven days a week and range from yin to gentle, Pilates to hot power, Hatha and lots of workshops to dive deeper into the poses or studies of yoga,” she explained. “if it wasn’t for this wonderful group of instructors, Trinity Yoga Studio wouldn’t be what it is,” she said.

For first timers, the first class is only five dollars! Norton suggests a gentle yoga class for first time students. For those students already in a regular workout program, she suggests the first class be one of their Hatha classes.   If you’re already experienced in yoga and seeking an advanced class, Trinity Yoga Studio has a class for you as well! “Any of the power or hot power classes will keep you on your toes-or off- with opportunities for arm balances and head or handstand postures,” she shared.

Why Yoga?

Yoga results in many benefits. Among them are increased endurance, strength and flexibility, arm and shoulder strength is increased as you use your own body weight for resistance, abdominals and oblique’s are refined and toned as you build core muscles, posture begins to correct itself, hip flexors are stretched and strengthened and glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves are strengthened.

Trinity Yoga Studio is located at Old CR 54, New Port Richey, FL 34653. For class information or more about the studio, visit or call 727-376-5263.