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stretch rx

By Deborah Bostock-Kelley

Ronda Musca, the woman behind the creation of Stretch Rx, doesn’t stop. 

She founded her company in 1994 to fill a void and provide an alternative solution to chronic pain, muscle tightness, and poor balance. Stretch Rx offers hundreds of satisfied clients therapeutic stretching and massage therapy on a heated ionic BioMat, providing far infrared rays and negative ion therapy, reflexology, and ionic foot bath to release and detoxify the body, as well as private stretching classes.

Providing pain relief and healing options still wasn’t enough for Ronda. 

In 2018, after the urging of her staff to try CBD oil, Ronda was highly skeptical but decided to test a general CBD product to unexpected and positive results. Ronda began integrating CBD into massages and reflexology sessions for her clients, field-testing on those interested in trying the new addition. 

It was met with tremendous success, but that still didn’t satisfy her. Though she was using safe, wholesale topical CBD pain salve, since she didn’t make the product, she wasn’t able to decide what elements went into a batch.

In mid-2018, Ronda began working with a manufacturer to perfect a small-batch CBD full-spectrum (.3 or under THC) topical salve that combined the benefits of organic essential oils, menthol, and arnica with the pain and inflammation relief of CBD. 

She resolved her dilemma by creating her own brand, Joint Jam, that launches in November 2019. 

“We have Joint Jam which is a CBD pain salve. We took all the pain-relief products that people were using and formulated one that uses all-natural and organic ingredients. You don’t need a prescription for this. It won’t make you high. People are afraid of that,” she explained. “We use organic essential oils, hemp is grown without synthetic herbicides and pesticides, CBD produced in small batches and third-party tested, which makes us different from what you might find in many stores. Many have added chemicals in them. Ours is natural, without synthetic fillers, the real deal, and it works.”

An added benefit of the product’s use for pain and inflammation is skin relief. Ronda’s clients have seen dramatic reductions in psoriasis, splotched skin, and crepe skin.   

Client Douglas Palamara said that his feet caused him extreme pain. Using the topical CBD in reflexology treatment provided intense relief.

“Between the ionic foot bath and CBD foot reflexology, it’s great. I used to have plantar fasciitis. I put my shoes on and walked out of here. I didn’t even notice any problems with my foot. Before that, I was going for about a year and a half getting cortisone shots from the foot doctor, and it didn’t help. This worked.”

Before releasing her CBD infused Himalayan and Epson salt bath soak, Salt Buzz, to her line, Ronda tested the product’s effectiveness on her husband. For 45 minutes, he unknowingly relaxed in the Salt Buzz. That evening, he slept soundly and even overslept the following morning. 

“One of the benefits of CBD is it promotes relaxation and helps anxiety. I saw it firsthand, unsolicited, on my husband.”

Salt Buzz was added to her growing line of products.

“We also have a bubble bath, Bubble Buzz. You get the same benefits as soaking in the salt, but it makes a great gift, as well. It has essential oils – lavender and eucalyptus. It has the same relaxing, calming effects as the Salt Buzz.”

The therapists at Stretch Rx incorporate the CBD products into the massage therapy, reflexology and ionic foot bath sessions. 

The bath salts and salves are excellent for those suffering from the pain of arthritis. Ronda recommended first soaking hands in the Salt Buzz then applying Joint Jam. A client’s mother, who railed against CBD, followed these directions without knowing the product her daughter was giving her contained the pain relief plant. A few days into starting the regimen, the mother didn’t ask her daughter for her pain pill, a day later, her mother was holding a book for the first time in a long time. She’s now hooked on the benefits of the all-natural CBD pain relief.

“The mother’s caregiver texted the daughter, ‘It’s so funny how your mother is saying she’s heard about all this marijuana lotion, how it’s ridiculous, it’s bad for you and makes people high’ as I’m slathering the CBD salve on her hands. She’s soaking in it, and she doesn’t even know it,’” shared Ronda. “We have really been able to hit all aspects of people’s discomfort. It’s shocking to me how well it’s working, and I was very skeptical. I had to see that it worked, and it did. I’m really pleased with the results people are getting. This product is family-friendly. From the accountant to the mom to grandma, it’s for everyone. It’s really been so gratifying.”

New CBD products available are the Joint Jam topical salve, Salt Buzz bath salts, and Bubble Buzz bubble bath. For the holidays, a travel pack containing all three will be available for gift-giving.

For more information about the Palm Harbor, Westchase, or Naples location, visit To make an appointment seven days a week, email or call 813-382-2363 Monday through Friday between 9 am and 5 pm.