By Deborah Bostock-Kelley

Start off 2019 feeling and looking great with Stretch Rx!

From two to ninety-two, many health benefits can be found for all ages at Stretch Rx. After noticing that people were experiencing chronic pain with limited options for pain management, Ronda Musca founded Stretch Rx to fill a void and offer an alternative approach to feeling better, no prescription required.

“We offer stretching and exercise for all decades,” Ronda explained. 

With a degree in Physical Science and Health Management and years of fitness and wellness expertise, she opened her third fitness company, Stretch Rx. They provide alternative solutions to chronic pain, muscle tightness and poor balance. 

 Stretch Rx offers multiple solutions for your health and fitness needs. 

Children and adolescents experience improved sports performance and flexibility after training with Stretch Rx. Parents of young children find relief from shoulder and back pain. Working men and women can improve pain in their shoulders, neck and back from sitting at computers and slouched over cell phones.  For seniors, stretching helps to maintain balance and avoid dangerous falls.

With locations in Palm Harbor, Westchase and Naples, open seven days a week by appointment, Ronda and her team stretch, exercise and massage their clients back to feeling great. Using a heated ionic BioMat, practitioners stretch your body to improve range of motion and flexibility. When done properly, therapeutic stretching and exercise can improve circulation, reduce muscle tension, decrease pain, help with menstrual cramps and eliminate toxins, among others.

“Negative ion therapy is very good for cell regeneration. People with fibromyalgia, arthritis and generalized pain feel amazing when they get off of this mat,” said Ronda. “It elevates your core body temperature and gets your heart working – like doing a light walk”.

The BioMat’s far infrared rays and negative ion therapy have been so successful, it is actually endorsed by The Pope. It’s been used in Europe for years for various medicinal treatments. It also has been used in drug detoxification programs as the heated mat causes people to release serotonin and feel good. 

“You get the mat as a bonus because I know it works. I’ve been doing this work for 24 years,” she said. “It heats up the body, helps people with pain feel better and helps us move people in ways they could would not normally move without the heat.”

Therapeutic BioMat stretching  and exercise sessions are done in a private room filled with soothing aromatherapy and soft music. This one-on-one approach encourages clients to learn the techniques so they can be easily practiced at home.

Stretch Rx receives many referrals from doctors for clients who are finished with physical therapy but are still not ready to go to the gym. Stretch Rx services should not be used as physical therapy, but they are an excellent next step after completion.

“If you’re not feeling well or you’re in pain, but you don’t need physical therapy, you don’t need surgery and you don’t want to take pain pills – we’re the solution to that.”

As a complement to these services, Stretch Rx offers reflexology, massage therapy and ionic foot baths by professionals with at least twenty years of experience.

To schedule an appointment, clients call and briefly explain any issues that they are experiencing. A comprehensive health assessment form is sent to new clients. When they come to their first appointment, the practitioner reviews their health history, pain, accidents, and metals in the body and zeroes in on the client’s specific issues to create a wellness plan customized to their individual needs. 

“It’s not about I stretch you and you leave. If I’m stretching you and I might discover that we really need to work on your core or strengthening or talk about eating healthier and detoxifying with a foot bath – we address the whole person. Everyone comes in for stretching, but they never leave with just that.”

If you need a massage, Ronda and her team advise the massage therapists where the most work is needed.

“We give specifics and we work those specific areas. We do offer just ‘feel good’ massages, but our process is very targeted. If you always have neck pain, we’re going to figure out what it is and we’re going to stretch and massage that area. If you just generally feel awful, we might suggest a foot bath, which is another form of ion therapy that draws the toxins out of your feet.”

For Stretch Rx’s ionic foot bath that pulls out toxins from the body during a twenty-minute soak, clients relax in a massage chair. At the close of the session, the color of the water indicates where the toxins were removed from within the body. 

“We usually like to follow it up with a reflexology foot massage. It’s a really nice experience and people swear by it.”

During a reflexology session, the practitioner stimulates pressure points on the client’s feet that target various organs of the body to promote blood circulation and detoxification.

Though Stretch Rx does not take insurance, its affordable rates are structured much like an insurance copay. They charges $35 for 30 minutes and $65 for an hour. Package rates are also available at a discount. 

Though services are provided one on one, Stretch Rx does offer group rates for stretching therapy for 4. 

“What I’m finding in combining modalities – traditional like exercise and stretching with non-traditional BioMat, reflexology, and ionic foot bath – is just amazing. I want people to feel better and I want it to be done in a healthy way. I love hearing what people say, to hear that I changed lives makes me feel such joy. People can be taken advantage of when they’re in pain, when they’re desperate, when they’re sick. To know how many lives Stretch Rx and myself personally have touched is amazing. If I were to die today, I know that there are a many people are grateful for what Stretch Rx has done for them and that’s what drives my passion. I’m giving them another way to feel good.”

When you call to schedule your first session, mention this article and receive a new clients special rate of $30 for any 30min session.

For more information about the Palm Harbor, Westchase or Naples location, visit To make an appointment seven days a week, email or call 813-382-2363 Monday through Friday between 9 am and 5 pm.