Mosquito season can last year-round in the South. Not only are these itchy insects a nuisance, they are a real health hazard. As the threat of the Zika virus rises, people in affected areas need to arm themselves, health officials say. Insect repellent can help protect your entire family from mosquito-borne illnesses like Zika and encephalitis. SwampJuice Insect Repellent Spray is an all-natural, non-toxic defense against these viruses. SwampJuice is made by Eco-Solutions Farm To Table, a privately-owned manufacturer and distributor of natural health and wellness products headquartered in Odessa, Florida. The company is known for creating all-natural, effective and environmentally friendly products to meet the needs and concerns of today’s consumers. Formulated using Eco-Solutions’ patented process, SwampJuice provides a safe alternative to common, chemical-laden bug sprays. It is DEET-free, GMO-free and non-irritating, and it’s safe for children and pets. And the cool name will have kids asking for SwampJuice instead of running away when it’s time to apply bug spray.

“Everything we make is 100 percent natural,” said Ed Kempf, president of Eco-Solutions Farm To Table, LLC. “We take the greatest things nature has to offer and apply our patented technology to make amazing products such as SwampJuice. The product is perfect for people who want excellent protection, but worry about the harsh chemicals found in most repellents. We are one of the few companies in the USA that can proudly state that our product is all natural, environmentally safe,  pet and children friendly and ALL of our products are made in the USA. Also, SwampJuice has recently been endorsed by Bruce Mitchell from Swamp People.” 

We’re also delighted to reveal that the newest member of our Swamp Juice family, Swamp Cream, has finally been released. After months of research and development, we have formulated the perfect blend of hemp extract, aloe vera and celadrin in an easy to apply cream that will bring fast, temporary relief to minor aches and pains. Another all natural product that is earth friendly, safe and effective. 

We are often asked why we don’t sell our products in *big box* retail stores.  Owner Arthur Fedrigon replies “We can, and we do. However, our preference is to support small business. We are able to provide superior customer service along with educational and training opportunities about our products to insure they are all used to their maximum capability. Our motto, where science and nature meet, is an accurate description of our company, and we want to make certain that everyone achieves maximum benefits from each and every one of our products.” All of our products are proudly manufactured and blended in the USA and held to the strictest internal guidelines and standards. 

We are pleased to announce that Eco-Solutions are now one of the few licensed and state certified companies for mold assessment, mold remediation and indoor air quality. We are able to come into your home or place of business and determine mold issues and offer solutions to eliminate any potential health hazards. Mold can be extremely toxic and cause respiratory and other health problems. Allow us to investigate and determine the best possible resolution to a potentially dangerous issue by strategically implementing use of our safe, effective and earth friendly family of products made by Eco Solutions.