By Deborah Bostock-Kelley

When you contact Hancock Injury Attorneys due to an injury, or someone’s life is lost from another’s negligence, you don’t meet with only a legal secretary or an insurance investigator. You meet with an attorney, and not just any attorney, the actual attorney who will handle your case, Mike Hancock. 

Boasting from your television screen and radio, most advertising “Big Law” attorneys promise individual care and a quick settlement of your case. They never mention, however, that the attorney in the ad may not be the attorney assigned to your case.

At Hancock Injury Attorneys, whether it is at the hospital, your home or the office, you sit down and meet with attorney Mike Hancock for as long as you need, not only to answer all your questions but to get a full understanding of your case. While him and his team work on finding you the best resolution for your car accident or injury case, you can be assured that Mike knows your name and that himself and your paralegal will be in consistent contact with you to keep you updated on your case – from the first handshake to the settlement check, checking to see how you are doing during the process.

“With Hancock Injury Attorneys, you are getting me. Other large advertising firms have 10 to 20 lawyers, and you never know who you will be assigned to or what level of experience that they have,” says Mike. “You never know if that attorney is fresh out of law school or has any experience in your type of case.”

Backed by not only consistent five-star Google rating reviews and proven insight to handle your case, Mike has hands-on experience on the other side of the negotiation table. For the first eight years of his career, Mike Hancock worked for high-end insurance defense law firms, helping insurance companies retain their money in injury cases. He learned how insurance companies make decisions, what increases or decreases the value of a claim, and what motivates them to settle or try a case.

“I learned the business from the insurance end, from defending cases for personal injury and wrongful death claims. I use that experience every single day. I was privy to internal discussions of what we call roundtable cases where we would get ready to mediate or try cases. The attorneys would sit down with the insurance adjuster and his supervisor and go over what they thought was important – good or bad – what I thought was important – good or bad – and come up with an evaluation. I was learning from the inner workings of the insurance company what motivates them to either pay more or less in any given case.”

In 1996, he opened Hancock Injury Attorneys to apply his unique insider insurance defense background to help those injured receive the best possible settlement. Three years later, his wife Claire left one of the top plaintiff law firms on Florida’s West Coast to join the practice.

Every week, injured people frustrated because they are being ignored by their advertising “Big Law” attorney, or tired of never being able to speak to an attorney, turn to Mike Hancock for help.

“My experience with these clients has been no one called them back, they didn’t hear back from anybody, or they did hear back from a case manager and never even spoke with an attorney, no one returns their calls and they don’t know what is going on.

“In the legal field, advertising works, but a lot of promises are made and really aren’t even justifiable to make based upon how the lawyers in those firms actually work. They’re good at getting people in the door, but not so good about actually giving them a great experience.”

When an advertising law firm attorney is handling, on average 300 cases, then it’s easy to become a case number and have the person behind the incident lost in the shuffle.

“For them, it’s more volume versus quality in the results. When you’re handling that many cases, you don’t have time or resources to fight for the absolute best result possible that your client deserves.”

Mike prides himself on providing his clients with a positive, transparent, and informative experience by being selective of the cases he takes on. That personalized care is why clients are eager to refer Hancock Injury Attorneys to friends, neighbors, and family in need of a highly-rated, reputable law firm. Frequently, clients themselves return to Mike for counsel when future incidents occur.

Recently at the end of a case, when a client picked up her settlement check, she hugged Mike and thanked him for his work for her. She was so pleased with her entire experience with Hancock Injury Attorneys that she baked chocolate chip cookies for Mike and his staff. Later in the day, Mike saw another 5-star review appear on Google.

“Seeing their happiness, the reactions, hearing the thank yous at the end of the process makes all of that hard work – designing the process from beginning to end – all worth it. I was able to give great service, and that makes me feel good.”

For additional information or a free consultation of your case, visit or call Mike at 813-915-1110.