By Bob Dalles

Today’s Topic: Give the Gift of Security for FREE

If you have been following the last two issues of Tech Talk, then you are familiar with the Cybersecurity Scan my company offers to keep you safer online.  The response to this service has been overwhelming.  Folks are stepping up and taking control of their online security posture.  Some folks, who were sure their computers were free of threats, were shocked when they realized their computer was not as secure as it should be.  Every one of them immediately took the measures my cybersecurity team recommended to eradicate the still harboring security threats.  

Several of my clients have asked if I offer something like “gift certificates” for these Cybersecurity Scans.  They felt that a cybersecurity scan would be of great value and practical sense.  Plus, it shows your gift certificate recipient how much you truly do care about their safety.  One thing is for certain… your gift will be unique.  And you can be pretty sure they don’t already have one.  Oh, and by the way, one size fits all.  So, no returns necessary!

All your gift recipient needs to do is call me to schedule an appointment to drop off their computer.  We are located about 2 miles north of the intersection of State Road 54 and Little Road in the New Port Richey/Trinity area. 

My cybersecurity team will perform a through security scan of the computer, so we know for certain whether the computer is clean or not.  These security scans have taken from a few hours to a few days to complete.  Regardless of the time it takes to scan, one certificate is good for one complete scan of one computer system, on my repair bench.    Once my cybersecurity team completes the scan, I will personally review the results with the gift recipient.  If any security remediation needs to be performed, I will discuss all options for any additional work that may need to be done.  I want your gift recipient to have all the facts about their computer’s security health so they can make a well-informed decision based on what solution best serves them.  Also, please understand that you and the gift recipient are under no obligation to do anything further after I review the results of the scan with them.

So, here’s the money-saving offer for the upcoming holidays.  Buy one Cybersecurity Scan Gift Certificate and get one FREE.  Yes, I will scan two computers for the price of one!  You can give both certificates away to two friends, or you can get your computer scanned and give a friend the gift of a FREE scan.  One gift certificate is only $100.  But you will get two Cybersecurity Scan Gift Certificates when you purchase one between now and the end of December 2021.  We can accommodate phone orders and accept all major credit cards.  Call 727-534-4000 to place your order.

Never forget, cyber criminals will exploit the easy victims and unprotected systems.  Whether you are a business or non-profit who keeps records about clients, customers, prospects, employees, vendors, sales, budgets, inventories… you get the idea.  It is your responsibility to protect your personal network, your computer’s operation, and your data. Even a home user who may only keep records about club members, kids’ sports leagues, volunteer work, filing your income taxes, or just ordering a pizza using your credit card on your home computer is a target.

Are you certain your computer is safe?  You don’t have to do this alone my Friend.  My staff and I are here to keep your computer safer and keep it running.  We have the best solutions already in place and we’re only a phone call away.  Call us anytime at 727-534-4000.  We’ve been helping folks restore their peace of mind, and sanity, with their technology for decades.

We Keep You Safer In Your Digital World!