Today’s Topic; Did you keep the box?

By Bob Dalles

Do you act like a kid when you get a new tech toy?  I know I do. 

It’s fine to be excited when you open the box.  I would suggest however, you open it in a manner that does not destroy the integrity of the box and not damage or obscure any labels attached to its exterior. 

Be gentle because even after the device is removed, the box can still offer valuable protection.

Most stores offer return policies if your new device doesn’t work. 

Become familiar with the return policy of any store before you spend your money. Some stores give cash refunds.  Others only offer exchanges. 

Rarely you may find a store that has no return policy, and you must deal directly with the device’s manufacturer warranty.  Know your options should your new device come out of the box defective. Keep the box in nice condition until you know your new device is functioning properly. 

Most stores will not accept returns without the device’s original packaging. 

If you purchased online, you need the box to safely ship it back to the seller.

How long should you keep the box? 

At a minimum, at least as long as the store’s return policy. Unfortunately, I have seen people get stuck with a lemon because they threw the box away too soon. 

Hey if you bought a new laptop computer and it works, that’s wonderful!  That’s what you expect. 

However, if you throw the box away the day after you buy the laptop, and then it fails a week later, you may have a difficult time convincing the store to take it back. 

Then your only recourse will be dealing with the manufacturer. And that could take weeks or even months.  Whereas if you had the packaging, you could take it right back to the store for an immediate refund or exchange. When the time finally comes to discard the box be sure to do this first. 

Either scan or take a picture of the labels on the box exterior that give the details of your device. 

I have included an example. 

This is a great way to identify and document your laptop’s particulars, especially if it is lost or stolen. 

The brand, model, series, part number, serial number, and other details are on these labels. 

Did you write down the serial number of your laptop? 

Taking a couple of pictures can avoid not having this information and avoids mistakes or illegible handwriting. 

In the world of computers, there is a big difference between the number zero and the letter O; the number one or the letter I. 

What’s the saying?  A picture is worth a thousand words. 

Just remember to save the picture somewhere other than on the laptop itself and always print a hard copy for your paper file.

Never forget, cybercriminals will exploit the easy victims and unprotected systems.  Whether you are a business or non-profit who keeps records about clients, customers, prospects, employees, vendors, sales, budgets, inventories… you get the idea.  It is your responsibility to protect your personal network, your computer’s operation, and your data.

Even a home user who may keep records about club members, kids sports leagues, volunteer work, or just filing your income taxes on your home computer, is a target.

How safe is your computer?  My staff and I are here to keep your computer safer and stay running.  You don’t have to go it alone my Friend. 

We have the best solutions already in place and we’re here to help.  If you question your computer’s safety or performance, call us now at 727-534-4000.  We’ve been helping folks restore their peace of mind, and sanity, with their technology for decades.

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