Technology, Benefits, and Payroll – Perfect Trifecta at Accurate Employer Solutions

By Deborah Bostock-Kelley

A third-generation insurance agent, Scott Holcomb founded Accurate Employer Solutions in 2009 to provide comprehensive employee benefits and payroll solution to businesses with 4 or more employees.

Not limited to using a single carrier, Scott researches the best options to make qualified recommendations to his clients.  The client makes their selection and Scott presents the selection to the client’s employees upon enrollment.

With a decade of experience in information technology and a degree from the University of South Florida in Information Systems Management, Scott used his unique combined skillset of technology and insurance knowledge to provide a free online human resources benefits platform, the HR Navigator 360 and tailor it to his clients’ needs.

“We offer all employee benefits – medical, dental, vision, short-term, long-term disability, life insurance and other optional benefit programs such as telemedicine. We are independent agents so we can look at any insurance company. We explain all of the options to the employees and help them to enroll online. It’s the perfect marriage of insurance and technology,” Scott explained. “Another advantage to the customer is they are calling our office personnel if they have any questions about the software and we can help them, as well as, answer any HR questions relating to their benefits.”

The HR Navigator 360 platform enables the client to rid itself of paper forms and do enrollment online. Employees can elect and view their benefits, or for a life event like a marriage or birth of a child, add the new member into the system. The Human Resources administrator and the employee receive convenient email notifications. Scott’s office is also notified so they can track and follow up on any changes or additions to be processed with the insurance companies.

During open enrollment, the administrator no longer has to track down employees to receive their enrollment paperwork. The system notifies the employee that their deadline is coming due and reminds them via an email to complete their registration. Additionally, it doesn’t allow for missing information like inadvertently omitting a child’s social security number. The process won’t move forward unless all information is properly completed online. The system helps takes some of the pressure off of the Human Resources administrator.

The HR Navigator 360 platform can also track Personal Time Off (PTO) for the client. The client relays to Scott their time off policy and Scott and his team customizes the information in the system. This allows the administrator and employees the ability to monitor PTO availability and allows the employees to submit requests for time off through the system, again eliminating the need for paperwork.

The HR Navigator 360 platform is available to the employee year-round, 24 hours a day; accessible on a computer, tablet and mobile phone.  Embedded within the system are tools that an administrator can utilize to provide answers to numerous questions through training videos, free HR forms like performance reviews and job descriptions, apps and tools, and an attorney written and reviewed compliance library, among others.

Throughout the year, Accurate Employer Solutions services the account and acts as the employees’ advocates, working to not only answer questions about billing issues but to help resolve them with the insurance company directly.

Scott has been able to provide a new insurance product to the businesses he services.

“This product looks and feels like a regular insurance plan, but a qualified employer can get a credit back from the insurance companies, up to a maximum of 50% of the annual premium that is not spent on claims. For example, if an insurance company collects annual premiums of $100,000 and the business only incurs $50,000 of annual claims, the business can receive back a credit of $25,000, half the surplus,” he explained.  “In addition to incredible employee benefits, Accurate Employer Solutions is an ADP Wholesale Partner which allows us to offer state-of-the-art payroll technology at rates that are lower than most of the competition. Accurate Employer Solutions provides white glove service by assigning a dedicated payroll specialist to each client.”

Scott focuses on both small and large businesses and his clients vary from doctors and lawyers to breweries and construction companies- Accurate Employer Solutions is available for any type of business in need of their service.

Scott’s long-term goal is to stay on top of ever-changing technology, grow his business and continue to help new clients with their payroll and benefits needs.

We are always analyzing new technology to see if it could make our systems better. If so, we adopt and implement it in order to benefit our valued clients”.

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