By Tom Bostock

Have costs increased in the last few years for medical expenses or your house, car, or just general living expenses? Are you at risk if something happened? Did your current insurance broker offer you an umbrella policy that provides a million dollars in additional liability coverage for just a few hundred more dollars a year? 

Did you know it gives you a very inexpensive policy with “a lawyer on retainer,” if you need one. Was it intertwined with the same company who provides your regular car insurance to save you money, so you didn’t have to pay for duplicated insurance coverages multiple times? 

With mortgage rates at an all-time low, did you try to refinance and take some equity out of your home’s value from your current mortgage provider, only to learn you did not qualify or you couldn’t afford the current closing costs and your credit score was less than stellar? Did he want to charge you a full four points for the new mortgage? 

If you answered “no” about your insurance and “yes” about your mortgage, the experts at East Lake Insurance and Taxes LLC., and East Lake Mortgage are your one-stop-financial-shop! If you’ve tried the rest, now try the best. It doesn’t matter what your needs are, insurance, taxes, or mortgage services, with their years of experience, the folks at East Lake Insurance and Tax LLC and East Lake Mortgage have the solution for you at a cost you can actually afford! 

As Baskal Korkis enthusiastically noted in a recent interview, “we get discount rates on everything! When you come to us, you are not trying to spend your time finding a better deal, We are spending our time to try to find you a better deal! We can offer a catered experience,” he explained.

Unlike insurance and mortgage companies who represent a single company, as an independent, they are free to get quotes from a variety of sources, ensuring you receive the best possible prices. What is even more important, they pass those savings directly to their clients! Wouldn’t you rather pay two points for your new mortgage and qualify even if your credit score is 620 instead of 720? East Lake Insurance and Tax LLC and East Lake Mortgage can do those things for you and so much more! 

What about your taxes? Would you like to, as Baskal said, “increase your refund or decrease your liability?” Do you need someone who does more than just fill in the blanks on your tax forms, but can consult with you on new tax strategies to save you even more money, both this year and next? That is exactly what Baskal Korkis, his wife Besne Ceylan, and his sister, offer at their family owned and operated company. 

East Lake Insurance and Tax LLC works with both business and private individuals to meet their individual financial needs. In response to a question about tax audits, Baskal shared his experience, noting that many taxpayers receive audit letters for forgetting to disclose their access to 1095A health insurance plans–“Obama Care,” during the year.  He said that these letters are what we call soft audits, noting it would be “extremely rare” for a tax auditor to come to your front door. If you forgot, Baskal said, they help you file the required documents.

“We look at every single aspect of your finances,” Baskal said, and have our company CPA’s available for questions. He added, “we can help anyone in any scenario.” Referring to refinancing mortgages with East Lake Mortgage, he offered good news to these potential clients. “There are no out-of-pocket closing costs. All costs can be rolled into the loan!” 

Like every other business, COVID-19 impacted theirs as well, but they turned it to their advantage by calling existing clients to help them with their financial issues. With access to ten automobile insurance providers and twenty home ones, they continued to help their clients save money on their insurance needs. Their strategy is “focusing on their clients” and their needs.

Baskal sounded a warning note to potential homeowners wishing to refinance. With the forbearances, or the act of refraining from taking a legal action, ending early next year, May 2021, homeowner foreclosures will rise as the government ends the temporary safeguards. That will reinstate debts. Don’t wait if refinancing to save you money is part of your financial planning. Call them today. 

With the best mortgage costs, insurance rates and full bookkeeping, payroll, and tax services available for you, it’s a simple decision! Let East Lake Insurance and Tax LLC and East Lake Mortgage be your one stop financial shop! Call for an appointment or stop by today for a worry-free tomorrow. 

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