By Tom Bostock

When is a chiropractor’s practice not just a traditional one? When he is Dr. Stephen Unger of Trinity, at 1820 on appropriately named “Wellness Lane,” a state-of-the-art practice employing cutting-edge equipment, the latest techniques, and a few surprises.

Who is Dr. Unger and what makes him different from many of his colleagues? Initially educated at St. Leo’s University and training as a physical therapist, a horrendous accident involving a collision with a Ford pickup truck at 70 miles an hour and a chance meeting with a physical therapist/chiropractor changed the course of his education forever.

Although his primary surgeon told him he needed an immediate operation and then another, his new doctor assured him that they would be able to work through his injuries through therapy and chiropractic treatment, without needing surgery. After fully recovering, Dr. Unger was so impressed with the potential of helping people through chiropractics; he changed his major, attending Palmer University’s College of Chiropractic, receiving his degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic. He began to practice in 2007.

I mentioned surprises at the beginning of the article. Consider this. You wake up on Monday morning feeling feverish and aching all over. Now, you must to call the doctor, make an appointment and drive to his office. After signing in, you sit in the waiting room with other sick people, waiting to be called into an examination room. After being treated by the doctor, still feeling sick, you take your prescription to your local drug store to get it filled before you can return home.

Is this better? Again, you feel bad but instead of following that other routine, potentially exposing yourself to unknown diseases and pathogens, you do something entirely different.

Opening your computer, you click on an ap and are connected to a fully licensed medical doctor who is another important part of Dr. Unger’s unique practice. He diagnoses your problem during your e-visit and prescribes the proper treatment while you sit in the comfort of your own home. But, the service doesn’t stop there. If you called before 2:30 PM, the medicine is delivered directly to your door from their in-house pharmacy service. Which scenario would you prefer?

Dr. Unger does something unusual in our hurry-up society, he actually listens, as part of his diagnostic process. A new patient came to his office before flying out of town the next day. Although his patient indicated that her other doctor had taken an X-ray and declared that she was fit to fly, Dr. Unger’s in-house X-ray showed something entirely different.

Previously noting respiratory distress and both back, lung pain and coughing, he immediately sent her to the hospital where she was treated for a pulmonary embolism. Untreated, it could easily have killed her. It was that extra ounce of caring that made the difference. Dr. Unger noted that “I take a little more time with all of my patients.”

To be sure that he is current on the latest advances in his field, Dr. Unger has gone the extra mile for his patients; he is a board-certified chiropractor. This means that he has taken the time to learn the latest techniques and proven his proficiency before a board of his peers, including 64 hours of additional training every two years. Some of his impressive credentials include certifications in Chiropractic, Youth Athletic Performance Through Exercise, Functional Training, Manipulation Under Anesthesia, Non-Pharmacological Pain Management, and Certification in Operating Room Procedures. Dr. Unger says that is “so that we can do the manipulations under anesthesia under operating room conditions.”   

“Most people come to see me when they are hurt but they also come to me when they are well.” Posters on the walls of his comfortably furnished waiting room attest to that. One poster shows some of the specialized services that are offered including Male Testosterone Treatment, Bio-Identical Women Treatment, Medical Weight Loss, Injectable Vitamins, and Sexual Enhancement, to name a few of them.

An initial blood test analyzes your white blood cells. This allows Dr. Unger to determine how micronutrients are working in both your body and bloodstream so that he can recommend options for you. With the most modern equipment and techniques, Dr. Unger’s goal is to make his patients stronger than when they first visited him. His specific sports-related exercises are designed to do just that.

Most importantly is the poster that states the vision that Dr. Unger and his 50 employee, 8 doctor and several nurse practitioners practice subscribes to: “To live in a society that places a high value on personal wellness and holistic disease prevention.” You can’t argue with that!

Open Monday through Friday, 8 AM – 6 PM, you don’t have to suffer. Call 727 264 8888 and say hello to Florida Wellness and Rehab, Stephen J. Unger D.C. and say goodbye to pain – 1820 Wellness Lane, Bldg 4, Trinity, FL. Visit his website for more information @