By Carla Selby

For talented 20 year-old Oldsmar resident Andre Lacroix, his love of all things BMX began when he was a young boy. He was first introduced to the sport by his father Ken, who brought him to the BMX track in Oldsmar, Florida when he was only three years old to watch a National competition.  That day Andre got to feel the adrenaline with every jump and had the opportunity to meet a lot of the pro’s. Needless to say, Andre was hooked. “I want to be just like them,” said young Andre to his father… and that he did.

Andre has been riding the Oldsmar track for about 17 years now and it has definitely paid off. BMX has given Andre the opportunity to travel the entire country, mostly South America. He has now become one of the riders that he used to look up to as a young boy. Proof that dreams do come true. 

In case you didn’t know, Oldsmar is home of one of the top BMX tracks in the United States. This track hosts the USA BMX Gator National each year. Points earned at the Elite Level at this event are utilized for qualifying for the 2020 Olympics for each rider. Andre and his family credit the city of Oldsmar for building such a great BMX facility.

Family is the single most important influence in a child’s life, and Andre’s parents support and encouragement have definitely made a huge difference in his life. “My parents are the biggest influence on my life. Unlike a lot of parents who force their kids into college and other things, they allowed me to take a shot at my dream and I feel so blessed for that,” said Andre.  His mother’s Peruvian citizenship has also played a big factor in Andre’s professional career. “Having a dual citizenship with the country of Peru, where my mother was born, has played a huge factor in my life, and has allowed me to ride for the Peruvian National Cycling Team,” said Andre. He has recently represented Peru in the South American Games in Cochabamba, Bolivia and aspires to medal in the 2019 PAn-American Games in Lima, Peru in July of next year. 

In 2016,  Andre won the National Championship in Peru. “I also won several state titles as an amateur and placed top 25 in the country several times.”

Having a positive support system is key for anyone trying to excel and reach for their dreams and Andre has been blessed with an incredible group encouraging individuals. “I’d like to thank John and Blake Sawyer for providing me with the best BMX products in the world; Ssqueared Bicycles and Answer products. My family of course, as they all support me so well, and my amazing and caring group of friends who all push each other to be better every day,” said Andre.

Andre’s plans as of now, include finishing off a great season with the help of his coach, Domingos Lammoglia, and recuperating from a sports related injury. “I tore my PCL in my right knee about four moths ago, so I have been trying to get all my power back from the downtime I had then,” said Andre. He is also preparing for the Pan American Games that will take place in 2019. “With the Pan American Games being held in Peru, I know a lot is expected of me and I’ll be ready to show out when the time comes!” His goal is to qualify and compete in the 2020 games in Tokyo, Japan. Oldsmar could possibly have an Olympian! I am personally very excited for Andre and wish him nothing but the best in the competition. I will refrain myself from saying “Break a leg,” because we all know it could happen… so good luck Andre!

When questioned about his main goals and expectations Andre had this to say, “I want what just about every BMX rider who takes it seriously wants… an Olympic Gold Medal! So that definitely is my main goal! I also have goals of becoming a world finalist and contender for USA BMX Pro Series #1 Pro Title.” With such ambitions and determined mindset, we’re pretty sure Andre will succeed in achieving all his goals.

With every dream there’s obstacles though, and even though Peru pays for most of Andre’s travels and entrance fees, they cannot fund him entirely. This is where Andre has thought out of the box. He established an S corporation “LaCroix BMX LLC,” in hopes to get corporate sponsorship from local companies. “In exchange I will advertise the company via Instagram, Facebook and on my Jersey and number plate all US and International races, including the Pan-American games,” said Andre. “For major sponsors I Will be giving back to the community in the name of the sponsor by hosting a one-day BMX clinic at a local track for free to all riders in the name of the sponsor.” The reason for the S corporation is so that a sponsor could utilize the sponsorship for marketing and tax purposes. 

Andre wants every young athlete out there to “Reach for the stars! As cheesy as it sounds, don’t let anyone put you down and work hard every day!” Fantastic words of encouragement for any young kid with hopes and dreams of making it big in a particular sport.`

Andre concluded his interview with the following message to the community; “Please come out to the local track in Oldsmar, it’s taken me all over the world! I have also opened my own company ‘LaCroix BMX’ in hopes of finding cooperation’s that are willing to help me meet my goals. I will also be marketing all companies who support me.”

You can contact Andre directly by emailing him at with any marketing inquiries. You can also follow him on instagram @andrelacroix.