By Deborah Bostock-Kelley

Having received hands-on training in Arizona, in 2001 Coleman Wilson, president of The Grout Guy Inc. took the tile and grout repair and restoration concept back to New Hampshire and then relocated to Trinity, FL three years ago.

“I saw a need and I fulfilled it,” he said, explaining his interest in tile and grout restoration.

Screened and HomeAdvisor approved, Coleman has completed thousands of jobs over his seventeen years in business and said that it is his vast experience that separates him from the competition. He understands that every client and every job is different, and uses his knowledge to formulate the most effective approach to repairing and restoring tile and grout.

“My favorite job was a restoration of a marble mosaic over 100 years old in a Catholic church in Manchester, New Hampshire. Someone installed carpet on top of it. They removed the carpet and I restored it.”

Servicing New Port Richey, Tarpon Springs, Palm Harbor, Port Richey, Holiday, Land O Lakes, Lutz, Crystal Beach, Odessa, Hudson, Oldsmar, and Elfers, The Grout Guy Inc. provides ceramic and porcelain grout color sealing, steam cleaning, tile and grout repair, and edge/corner caulking. For natural stone, services include deep cleaning, repair and replacement, sealing and grout repair.

For the homes’ exterior, Coleman offers cleaning of brick pavers. In the Florida sun, it is easy for bricks to fade. With a steam clean and silicon sealant enhancer, the stone can look fresh for 4 to 6 years.

“The sealing process is where I seal newly installed grout. For the brick pavers, I steam clean the brick pavers and then apply numerous sealants on them,” he explained. “The sealer I use for grout is a grout stain, a color seal, that lasts for several years and makes the grout practically stain-proof.”

After years of improper cleaning, grout can get dirty, but a steam clean and grout color-sealed to blend in with the tile can make an old floor look brand new. This type of service is extremely convenient and helpful especially if a dark-colored drink is spilled, as color sealing will not allow the liquid to penetrate the grout.

If you have tile and are frustrated with how difficult it is to maintain, The Grout Guy Inc. offers clients a free consultation and a price-match guarantee. After he performs his services to either the tile or grout, Coleman even offers special training to his customers, in order to ensure they maintain their tile or grout as spotless as possible.

“Every job is different, but I make it a lot easier for my customers,” he said. “I train my clients on how to properly maintain their floors and walls.”

One of his tips revolves around a common mistake that most people make, says Coleman. “People take a shower and don’t wipe down the tile and/or glass door of shower. Over time, if not properly dried, your bathtub tile can be a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. “

But fear not! If you are one of many who have bathroom tile or a shower door in need, Coleman and The Grout Guy Inc. is the company to call.

Shower and bath services include; tile hand wash deep cleaning of tile and grout, grout re-caulk and sealing, and shower glass restoration.

“Drying the shower after use will get rid of the minerals in the water, and the soaps and shampoos,” he explained, making sure we could all understand why something so minor was so important. “If it’s dried, it will not attract mold and mildew, but you have to do it after every shower,” he added.

In addition to his home care services, Coleman writes a blog on his website called “The Art of the Seal” where he regularly shares tips and tricks for readers looking to learn how to maintain the life of their tile, stone, and grout.

“I periodically get skeptics – people who don’t I think I can perform what I tell them- and I can’t count how people’s opinions I’ve turned.”

“Absolutely would recommend Cole/The Grout Guy without hesitation. My tile and grout looks absolutely fantastic!” says Donna Ann R. about her recent experience with The Grout Guy Inc. “Cole arrived when he said he would (which says a lot these days about a contractor), was professional and meticulous in his work. He took the time to find the right color grout and tested it in a few areas in different lighting. Will definitely be a repeat customer.”

To schedule a consultation appointment or to learn more about how The Grout Guy Inc. can benefit your home’s tile and grout, visit, on Facebook The Grout Guy Inc. or call 727-213-5723.