By Tom Bostock

     There is a continuous bright star in Pasco county’s world of internal medicine. He gladly provides an outstanding level of personal care for all his satisfied patients with a practice that is large enough to serve the needs of every patient, yet small enough to provide them with the individualized care that is a hallmark of the practice.  

     If you live in New Port Richey, by now you know I’m referring to Healthcare Associates and the practice of longtime, highly respected, board-certified internist, Dr. Prakash Machhar. His practice, in Pasco County, continues to maintain its Five Star rating, a testament to his caring expertise, demonstrated concern, and patient satisfaction. 

    When Humana started measuring practices for quality of care in 2014, they ranked Dr. Machhar’s #1 in the state of Florida. His practice focuses on preventing the need for hospitalization by providing critical care from his office. 

     When a patient requires hospitalization, he can see him at both Trinity hospital and several local rehab centers. His established relationships with area specialists allow him to expedite his patient care. Dr. Machhar’s patients have the peace of mind of knowing they can see him personally whenever the need arises. 

     Echoing his father’s desire to provide a consistent continuum of care for patients is Dr. Raj Machhar, the son of Dr. Prakash Machhar. Dr. Machhar is pleased to announce that his board- certified internist son is joining the practice. 

    Doctors Raj, and Prakash Machhar both believe it is the physicians role to care for their patients from the initial office visit, potential hospitalization, through out-patient care, to ensure their patients’ a continuum of healthcare.  Using his expansive, specialized medical training, Dr. Raj Machhar sees himself as ‘the quarterback,’ employing his Ivy League training to identify and treat patient concerns or refer them to a specialist when necessary. 

     Bringing his own extensive training from multiple prestigious institutions of higher learning, specialized knowledge, background, and experience to this already outstanding practice, Dr. Raj’s membership in prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha in medical school is indicative of his abilities. In college, he graduated Summa Cum Laude, typical of one his many scholastic achievements, and evidence of his desire to be the best doctor possible.

     While preparing to enter the University of Florida’s Medical School in 2009,  Dr. Raj Machhar had the honor of qualifying for their highly sought after Junior Honor’s Medical program, an honors, seven year accelerated program. He completed his residency at Cornell, receiving outstanding extensive training to further his education and experience. 

   Rotations at Memorial Sloan-Kettering, one of the nation’s most renowned cancer institutes, and Hospital for Specialized Surgery, the top-ranked hospital devoted to orthopedics and the care and treatment of arthritis, only enhanced his ability to help his patients. 

      Read what a few of your friends and neighbor think of the quality of care they have received and will continue to receive from this talented father and son team. 

“Dr. Machhar has been our physician for many years. He’s very caring and takes the time to explain and answer any concerns we have. We never feel rushed and we never wait more than a few minutes for our appointment. Dr. Machhar is very thorough with our tests and explaining the results. His staff is very kind and professional, too. We’re very thankful we found Dr. Machhar when we did.”

(Notice the emphasis on caring and taking time to explain results)

Another of Dr. Machhar’s many satisfied patients wrote:

“Dr. Machhar is very caring takes time to listen to you, he keeps you well informed about your meds, labs etc ,has very caring and knowledgeable staff. He will answer any of your questions at any time. I am so grateful he is my doctor.”

“My husband and I have been going to Dr. Machhar for approx 7 years and we couldn’t be happier. He takes the time to get to know you and doesn’t do any service he thinks is unnecessary and refers to other medical professionals when needed.”

“He cares on all levels. He is determined, but not bossy. He is what medicine used to be, he takes his time because he cares. He takes time to talk to you, to comfort or inspire better health for you. Me personally, my health issues require a lot of patience.”

(Visit for 75 unsolicited reviews from his dedicated patients). 

     Both doctors want their patients to know that it is their choice to see patients in person daily, hands-on in their offices to provide that personal doctor/patient relationship. With covid-19 a strong consideration, they have taken certain positive, proactive steps to protect their patients from the disease. 

     Scheduled appointments minimize potential exposure. Only one patient is in the waiting room at a time. A nurse advises patients, waiting in the parking lot, when it is their turn. Everyone must wear a mask.  Temperature taking is also standard practice.

     Dr. Raj Machhar credits listening to and watching his father when he was a child as the impetus for him becoming a physician. He couldn’t follow in better footsteps. Some older patients are already looking forward to meeting him as a physician, after knowing him as a child. 

     Dr. Prakash, his wife Paresha, his son, Raj, and staff are here to assist your every healthcare need. Crystal is happy to help with her painless blood draws. All welcome the opportunity to show you that quality caring attention to your healthcare needs is their only treatment policy. Call for your appointment today at 727 815 1550, 6811 State Road 54 in New Port Richey. Just a short drive from anywhere in Pasco County.