The Most Dangerous Biker Gangs in Illinois

Illinois harbors some of the world’s most infamous outlaw motorcycle clubs, deeply entangled in a variety of criminal pursuits, including drug trafficking, extortion, murder, and racketeering. These groups have a documented history of engaging in violent conflicts with rival factions, law enforcement agencies, and civilians. Here’s an overview of some of the most perilous biker gangs in Illinois:

Outlaws MC

Established in McCook, Illinois, in 1935, the Outlaws MC holds the distinction of being the world’s oldest outlaw biker club. Boasting 275 chapters across 23 countries and a membership exceeding 3,000, it ranks as the third-largest globally, trailing only the Hells Angels and the Bandidos. Both the FBI and the Criminal Intelligence Service Canada have designated the Outlaws as an “outlaw motorcycle gang.”

The Outlaws share a longstanding rivalry with the Hells Angels, a conflict dating back to the 1960s, marked by territorial disputes and clashes over markets and respect. These confrontations have resulted in numerous casualties on both sides. Additionally, the Outlaws have ongoing conflicts with other biker gangs, including the Mongols, the Pagans, and the Sons of Silence.

The Outlaws’ notoriety extends to their involvement in high-profile crimes, such as the 1974 bombing of the Hells Angels clubhouse in Montreal, the 1994 murder of a Wisconsin police officer, the 2002 killing of a rival gang member in Florida, and the 2006 murder of eight Bandidos members in Ontario.

Mongol Nation

A relatively recent addition to the Illinois biker gang scene, the Mongol Nation has swiftly gained a reputation as a formidable and aggressive group. Established in 1969 in Montebello, California, by Hispanic veterans rejected by other biker clubs, the gang has expanded to 14 states and several countries, boasting an estimated 1,000 members.

Law enforcement considers the Mongol Nation one of the most criminally active outlaw motorcycle gangs in the United States, engaging in drug trafficking, particularly methamphetamine, along with robbery, assault, murder, and racketeering. The gang faces accusations of hate crimes, targeting African Americans and Jews.

A bitter rivalry with the Hells Angels has resulted in violent confrontations, such as the 2002 Laughlin River Run brawl, the 2008 Harrah’s Casino shootout, and the 2011 Denver Coliseum stabbing. Tensions with the Outlaws escalated in 2022, culminating in a Southwest Side Chicago bar shooting during a turf war between the two groups.


Founded in 1987 in Santee, California, the Peckerwoods are an all-white outlaw motorcycle club affiliated with the Aryan Brotherhood, a white supremacist prison gang. Operating under the name Midwest Peckerwoods in Illinois, the club shares its ideology and symbols.

Engaging in criminal activities like drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, burglary, theft, and murder, the Peckerwoods are notorious for their violent and racist behavior, targeting individuals of other races, particularly African Americans and Hispanics. The club has clashed with rival biker gangs, including the Hells Angels, the Mongols, and the Vagos.

Law enforcement views the Peckerwoods as a growing threat due to their expanding presence and influence in the Midwest. The club is linked to high-profile crimes, including the 2005 murder of a Mongols member in Illinois, the 2009 murder of a Hells Angels member in Arizona, and the 2010 murder of a Vagos member in Nevada.


While these highlighted biker gangs are among the most dangerous in Illinois, numerous other outlaw motorcycle clubs operate in the state, such as the Sons of Silence, the Warlocks, the Iron Horsemen, and the Sin City Disciples.

These groups pose a serious threat to public safety and order, engaging in violent and criminal activities, often clashing with each other and law enforcement. Therefore, it is crucial to remain aware of their presence and activities, avoiding any contact or confrontation with these groups.


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