By Deborah Bostock Kelley

At Berkshire Hathaway Home Services/Florida Properties Group’s The McCaffery Team, there may be an “I” in the realty name, but there are no “I’s” in its team from the Oldsmar office. A multilingual, multicultural team, experts in their service area, guides you through the process of buying, selling or renting your home, making the process as seamless as possible.

Providing real estate services down the East Lake Road corridor and from central Pinellas to southwest Pasco, driving down Tampa Road through Oldsmar, you would never know a real estate office is nestled into the gated community of East Lake Woodlands. As part of the community for 14 years, Bob McCaffery’s window looks out on a beautiful golf course across the street. Oftentimes, past clients smile and wave to him as they jog past his window.

Bob was a little bit younger than he wanted to be when he retired from Ford Motor in Michigan, so he made a career decision. He didn’t want to stay in the automotive field or go through another cold winter. He decided to try something totally different, which was real estate. This was something that Bob was passionate about. He gave himself a deadline of two years to be successful. Fourteen years later, he is confident he made the right decision of moving to the Tampa Bay area and changing careers.

After working for a real estate broker in Pinellas County for a few years, he discovered that real estate was intensive and to provide good customer served, required a team approach. When he decided to be part of Prudential Tropical Real Estate which later became Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, he knew he would need a talented team to fulfill the customer service steps to prospective clients.

“We are the only real estate company inside of East Lake Woodlands, so we interact with the community on a regular basis,” he said. “In our team, 12 people have different job responsibilities, so you become very proficient at what you do. You hand the piecework to the next person and so on.”

Bob found that with so many different facets to real estates that it was beneficial to have a team to do what they enjoy and who are highly adept at completing their part of the process. This team approach is highlighted by the fact that this group has continued to be the number one team in sales performance in the Oldsmar office and among the top two percent in the regional corporate, Florida Properties Group.

We have a number of different cultures living within East Lake Woodlands. We have someone on the team who speaks French and another who is fluent in German. Another team member is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. We may even be adding a member to the team who is fluent in Japanese.”

Having a multilingual team helps when international clients need assistance in their native language for questions or with contracts.

“Our clients are much more comfortable when they can converse in their own language.”

Bob explained that that type of diversity is something The McCaffery Team offers that most other real estate agents or teams may not. Some of our local competitors promote themselves as a single agent, while Bob is proud to promote his team.

“We promote the expertise on the team and what we bring to the table-structure, policies, and procedures that make the process flow. We really try to be a consultant to the client. We try to interact with the client and find out what is in their best interest. One of the benefits of a team is we can become a one-stop shop for a client and really help facilitate the client by interviewing and questioning to find out what his specific needs are-whether buying, selling or renting, leasing or property management. There are different steps of the process we identify to make it perfectly clear what they need to do. We want to recognize the client’s wants and needs so we can better serve them.”

With over a hundred years combined experience of Bob and his team, whether you are selling, buying or renting a permanent residence, a vacation home, an investment property, or seeking an experienced team and company to serve as your property manager, Bob, and his team have experience and skills to make your experience a satisfying one. As members of the East Lake Woodlands community, Bob and his team are active in local philanthropy. The team and company have sponsored the club tennis events and they collect non-perishable food at the Oldsmar office for Metropolitan Ministries during the year and holiday season.

“The counties also have programs for first-time homebuyers on the lower income range. We work with those lenders to help homeowners buy properties utilizing government grants. We also work with our military vets to make sure we look out for them to try to get them the proper financing,” he said. “We are ingrained in this community and like to give back.”

“Real estate is a passion. We love helping people understanding the process without heavy sales pressure. We like being a trusted advisor to understand exactly what it is someone is looking for,” he said. “The old adage is to do what you’re passionate about. We are passionate about the real estate business, passionate about the Tampa Bay area and being able to connect with real estate clients and share our own experiences. At the end of the day, we love helping people achieve their goals. It’s a very interesting business and when you put the right people together, it’s exciting, challenging, and we completely love it.”

Meet The McCaffery Team at their Berkshire Hathaway Home Services/Florida Properties Group office in Oldsmar, located at 301 Woodlands Parkway Suite 1, visit online to browse listings at or call (727) 331-8257/