This is Michigan’s Best Chinese Restaurant

Michigan boasts a diverse culinary scene with a wide array of cuisines representing different regions and cultures. Notably, Chinese cuisine holds a prominent place, spanning traditional to modern, casual to upscale, and authentic to fusion restaurants. Determining the premier Chinese restaurant in Michigan, LoveFood’s compiled list singles out The Peterboro in Detroit.

The Peterboro: A Chic and Relaxed Venue

Situated in Detroit’s historic Chinatown, a neighborhood rooted in the late 19th century and currently undergoing revitalization, The Peterboro emerges as a standout. This restaurant presents a contemporary twist on traditional Chinese cooking within a stylish yet laid-back setting.

Featuring industrial-chic decor with vibrant colors, exposed brick walls, metal chairs, and neon signs, The Peterboro’s menu spans appetizers, soups, noodles, rice, entrees, and desserts. Signature dishes include crab rangoon, cheeseburger spring rolls, General Tso’s cauliflower, almond boneless chicken, and coconut cream pie. A diverse beverage selection, encompassing cocktails, beers, wines, and teas, alongside a happy hour and late-night menu, enhances the overall dining experience.

The Peterboro: A Modern Approach to Traditional Chinese Cuisine

Diverging from the typical Chinese restaurant, The Peterboro celebrates the diversity and creativity inherent in Chinese cuisine while respecting its historical roots. Chef and owner Brion Wong, a Detroit native with experience in renowned New York establishments, infuses the menu with inspiration from family recipes, personal travels, and culinary preferences.

Wong’s vision of Chinese cuisine as a dynamic and evolving art is reflected in The Peterboro’s menu. Examples include the playful fusion of American and Chinese flavors in cheeseburger spring rolls and the homage to a Detroit classic with almond boneless chicken, originally a Cantonese dish. Utilizing local and seasonal ingredients, such as Michigan cherries, apples, and asparagus, underscores the restaurant’s commitment to showcasing the best of the state’s produce.

The Peterboro: A Gathering Place

Beyond being a restaurant, The Peterboro serves as a hub for enjoying and sharing good food, drinks, and company. The establishment exudes a friendly atmosphere, complemented by attentive and knowledgeable staff, and a diverse and loyal clientele. Actively engaging with the community through events, fundraisers, collaborations with local businesses, and participation in festivals and markets, The Peterboro stands as more than just a culinary destination.

Deserving of the title of Michigan’s best Chinese restaurant, The Peterboro offers a distinct and gratifying dining experience, blending quality, creativity, and authenticity. It mirrors and enriches the cultural identity of Detroit and Michigan, making it the ideal choice for those seeking top-notch Chinese cuisine in the state. Rest assured, a visit to The Peterboro will exceed expectations.


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