By Deborah Bostock-Kelley

Marc Tauchnitz and his girlfriend Neyda “Tita” Ramirez had a discussion for years about opening a bakery. They didn’t like the concept of waste – a typical bakery item was made, put into a display case until it was sold or after a period of time, disposed of. In May 2017, the couple decided to create an entirely original idea.

Utilizing her artistic skills as a cake decorator and bakery owner in Venezuela and his business acumen in bakery products distribution and sales and as a bakery owner, they would combine their talents to open a bakery where the desserts are prepared fresh-to-order as the customers watch. These would be small delicious single-serve gourmet dessert tapas that can be enjoyed without feeling guilty.

Marc Tauchnitz

In June 2017, they created their first prototype and began actively looking for a space to build out. Call it fate or serendipity, but an error on the lease in a location they were going to build-out in South Tampa halted its signing. Fifteen hours later, a friend’s phone call about a cupcake shop closing in Carrollwood, move-in ready, changed the course of the business’s history. With the lease signed in November, Tiny Bites opened their doors in their Carrollwood location in the Regency shopping complex on January 17th, 2018.

Tiny Bites follows a completely original concept. The work that goes into producing a beautiful dessert is not hidden in the back kitchen. Customers order from the menu and get to watch their dessert being freshly prepared, see how the ingredients combine to create their made-to-order delicious treat in a few bite serving.

As everything is custom made, there’s no need for a dessert display case. A menu and video at the register showcases the different type of treats available.

Customers can choose from a graham tart shell, a sweet tart shell, a chocolate tart shell, and a gluten-free chocolate tart shell. They then have the difficult task of determining what goodness goes inside.

“We currently have 40 different combinations, with another 15-20 still to be developed,” Marc said. “A customer can order three different desserts and have three different experiences and they don’t have to feel like they busted their diet and the next stop should be the gym.”

And these gourmet goodies won’t break the bank either. No matter what combination the customer picks, the cost is $2 for a single, $5.00 for a 3-pack, $9.50 for a 6-pack, $18 for 12-pack, $26 for an 18-pack and $34 for 24-pack.

Perfect for a quick snack to a special event like wedding, graduation, anniversary or birthday party, the choices are as varied as the shop’s customers.

A perfect example was Katie Young, a customer who saw the sign and stopped in to buy a dessert for her husband’s birthday and left with a 6-pack. “He really loves key lime pie and we always have leftover dessert, so this sounded like a good option. We like to try different things. The price point is awesome. I think the whole concept of tiny bites is great.”

Tiny Bites features dessert like a rich cheesecake compliment with Blueberry, Lemon, Strawberry, Raspberry, Pineapple, Coconut, or Chocolate Ganache filling, Bites filled with Cookies N Cream, Crème Brulee, Choco Lovers, S’Mores, and Key Lime. Dulce de Leche, Sriracha Mango, Boston Cream, Guava, Maple Bacon, Nutella, Caramel Mochaccino, among others are waiting to tantalize the taste buds. Mouthwatering macaroons, iced-to-order cupcakes, cake pops, and cannolis filled to order prove the importance of quality ingredients and unparalleled flavor.

Tiny Bites also offers premade cake pops, brownies, eclairs, cannolis and macaroons, in limited supply to ensure freshness.

To compliment their desserts, Tiny Bites serves an assortment of coffees made to order in their eating area.

Customers Carrie Rose and Anita Durand stopped in to investigate the new shop and were happily surprised at the sweet shop’s contents.

“This is really good,” said Carrie, enjoying a guava tiny bite. “You can indulge in a few flavors without feeling guilty.”

Anita agreed that the treat was delicious and both made plans to return and try out new flavors.

In the future, Tiny Bites will be featuring “Flavors of the Week.”

“We have more flavor concepts than we can produce,” he said.

While Tita’s favorite dessert creation is the tart Key Lime with meringue, Marc opts for the rich and creaminess of the Crème Brule.

Long term, Marc and Tita hope to franchise their concept, so people all over the country can enjoy their own bites of deliciousness called Tiny Bites.

“Tiny Bites is our baby. To look at someone and see that they get satisfaction and happiness out of something we created is our favorite thing. When somebody walks up and It’s really satisfying to give them an experience that they enjoyed guilt-free… well, as guilt-free as you can be.”

During May, Tiny Bites features a buy one and get offer to introduce the community to the tiny dessert tapas shop. In addition to tiny desserts, Tiny Bites also makes to order full-size cakes. Tiny Bites is open Sunday through Thursday 11am-8pm Saturday and Sunday 11am – 9pm and is located at 14398 N. Dale Mabry Hwy Tampa, FL 33618. To learn more, call 813/968-6800 or visit Tiny Bites at or Facebook Tiny Bites Desserts.