By Deborah Bostock-Kelley

It can feel overwhelming if you have a loved one needing specialized care, leaving you unsure where to turn. The senior in need often feel most safe in the familiar surroundings of their home, but it may be impossible for you, as the caregiver, to provide round-the-clock assistance. If your family member is suffering a loss of cognitive ability, the emotional and physical toll and medical demands on you can be stressful.

Enter the compassionate ladies in their recognizable bright orange polos who give caregivers a needed break. 

Since opening in 2017, TouchStone Home Care has provided in-home care assistance for seniors. The home care team offers all services that do not require medical skills, from bathing, dressing, and meals to medication reminders and transportation. The group specializes in the in-home care of seniors with dementia who need companion care, personal care, and fall prevention. They can even give the family more time with their loved one during hospice care.

“It’s a peaceful way to have that time together. They get to be in their own element at home and have a quality of relationship, and our caregiver is there at end-of-life to lift the burden off the family member. We get told, ‘thank you for assisting and giving us that quality of life all the way around,’” explained co-founder Nicole Tegeler.

With personal experience combined with a background in Dementia/Alzheimer’s in assisted living, memory care, and senior living, Nicole, Tammi Mara, and Ms. Hudgins founded this extraordinary senior home care company that helps seniors transition into aging.

Combining Nicole’s Masters in Exercise Physiology, Tammi’s years of experience in the memory care/assisted living senior communities, and Ms. Hudgins’s nurse practitioner medical background, the women wanted to help other families in similar circumstances, stressed and looking for support. 

Every client and assessment is different, as each care plan is tailored to the family’s needs. Services range from a 15-minute check-up to round-the-clock care. Though live-in services are available, most clients opt for 4–12-hour shifts.

“We like to serve our clients more than just scheduling a caregiver. We have recommendations and services that they can use to simplify the seniors’ life to make it safer. The big goal is keeping them in their homes independently, whether alone or with their spouse, living longer and better, getting the best quality of life day-to-day,” said Nicole.

After years of firsthand experience, the team can provide a wealth of resources to family caregivers. TouchStone Home Care even partners with facilities like Aston Gardens, American House, Renaissance, Discovery Village, Arbor Terrace, Weinberg Village, Encompass Rehabilitation, and others  to provide the best care for clients. 

Nicole and her team have made finding the best possible services for your loved ones simple and convenient. Over the years, they have amassed a wealth of resources they share as part of their newest senior care consulting services.

From the best pharmacy to who to call for handyman services or downsizing the home to senior transportation and cognitive/brain exercises, TouchStone Home Care has created a Who’s Who directory to alleviate the need for a Google search. 

“Many family members don’t even know these services are available to help them.”

A new service is a spot check or friendly phone call once or twice daily to remind your loved one to take their medication and make sure everything is going okay. 

TouchStone Home Care focuses on safety and a holistic approach for the client and their family.

“We focus on how we keep them in their home, living independently as long as possible without having to go to assisted living or memory care. We offer preventative education on various topics, such as nutrition and exercise programs to help our clients age gracefully. Wellness is definitely a specialty niche for our company. Nicole’s background is in exercise physiology, along with Mara’s and Hudgins’s background in wellness; we have a wealth of expertise to offer our clients. We all live it, breathe it, and preach it because it’s important to help our seniors but also help the family members along the way,” said Nicole. “If mom or dad has Alzheimer’s or dementia, we can recommend what institute or specialist you can go to.” 

Their goal has always been to help the seniors in their care to accomplish the company tagline: “Live Longer Better.”

Nicole said, “Our goal is to provide holistic care and assist in fulfilling a multi-service care plan to our clients because we know they need the help. We want to be more than just their home care team but seen as their “Senior Care Service Experts” that can advise them based on individual needs. If we cannot service them, we know someone who can and who we highly recommend in the Tampa Bay or outside areas.”

Nicole explained that TouchStone always welcomes new certified, experienced, dedicated caregivers to join their team as independent contractors. Bilingual team members are especially sought after. TouchStone is seeking caregivers looking to form a partnership with them as they help them facilitate a greater business for themselves.

“We work for them, and they work for us. We try to create a positive business bond. Together, we bring the services to our client’s homes and make it budget-friendly, typically less than assisted living, and give families peace of mind. We can keep an eye on Mom and Dad.”

To learn more about TouchStone Home Care, find out about employment opportunities, or schedule a free consultation, visit or call  (813) 426-7848.