Story by Deborah Bostock-Kelley

Since opening in 2017, TouchStone Home Care’s company has been known for the compassionate care of seniors who need in-home care assistance. In their recognizable orange polos, the home care team provides all services that do not require medical skill, from bathing, dressing, meals to medication reminders and transportation. 

When a loved one suffers a loss of cognitive ability, the physical and emotional toll and medical demands are often more than a family caregiver can absorb alone.

With personal, firsthand experience combined with a background in Dementia/Alzheimer’s in assisted living, memory care, and senior living, Nicole Tegeler,  Tammi Mara, and Ms. Hudgins founded an extraordinary senior home care company that can help you every step of the way.

Combining Nicole’s Masters in Exercise Physiology, Tammi’s years of experience in the memory care/assisted living senior communities,  with Ms. Hudgins nurse practitioner medical background, the women wanted to help other families in similar circumstances, stressed and looking for support. 

“We like to serve our clients more than just scheduling a caregiver. While we have 125 incredible caregivers, the best in Tampa, working for us who are very experienced and have been with us a long time who can help with daily activities, we can also help advise families with other needs that seniors have,” said Nicole. “We have recommendations and services that they can use to simplify the seniors’ life to make it safer. The big goal is keeping them in their homes independently, whether alone or with their spouse, living longer and better, getting the best quality of life day-to-day.”

After years of experience, the team can provide a wealth of resources to family caregivers.

“We know who’s good, like what pharmacy or rehab would I send my parents to? If you’re looking to move your mom or dad, there are certain companies that we can recommend that don’t just move you like a moving company, but they help you downsize and resize. They make it a safe move with the right type of care. Whether it’s PT, OT, we have companies we recommend on that journey. Some people don’t even realize that you may qualify for home health or that PT can come in and help you and keep you strong. Our caregivers can help you with exercise assistance and reminders. We’ve all lived it. We’ve been in their shoes. We’ve cultivated working relationships with many companies that we feel as comfortable in recommending them to our clients as we would to our own family.”

The team creates a plan of care for every client.  A safe socially distanced one-on-one assessment is arranged with the family and directly with the client to put together the best care plan for that particular client.  

“Every assessment and every client is going to be a little different,” she said. “Each care plan is tailored to what their needs are.”

Services range from a 15-minute check-up to round-the-clock care. Though live-in services are available, most clients opt for 4-12 hr shifts.

Touchstone focuses on a holistic approach for the client and their family.

“We offer preventative education on various topics such as nutrition and exercise programs to help our clients age gracefully. Wellness is definitely a specialty niche for our company.  Nicole’s background is in exercise physiology, along with Mara’s and Hudgins’s background in wellness, we have a wealth of expertise to offer our clients. We all live it, breathe it, and preach it because it’s important to help our seniors, but also along the way, help the family members,” said Nicole. “If mom or dad are suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia, we can recommend what institute or specialist you can go to.” 

The majority of TouchStone Home Care employees are vaccinated. Clients can choose to work with only those that are vaccinated.  Those not yet vaccinated are required to send in negative test results every week, and all wear masks for the safety of the client, the family, and their own safety and well-being.  

Nicole said, “Our goal is to provide holistic care and assist in fulfilling a multi-service plan of care to our clients because we know they need the help. We want to be more than just their home care team, but seen as their “Senior Care Service Experts” that can advise them based on individual needs. If we cannot service them under our license, we know someone who can and who we highly recommend in the Tampa Bay Hillsborough county area.”

On a daily basis, TouchStone receives calls from families needing direction in the care of a loved one and they are happy to provide the needed care and outlining any other senior service referrals.  

“Families are so often overwhelmed and do not know where to turn…”

Turn to the caring team at TouchStone! 

To learn more about TouchStone Home Care, find out about employment opportunities, or schedule a free consultation, visit or call  (813) 426-7848.