By Deborah Bostock-Kelley
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“Let Our Family Care for Yours” is the motto of Trinity Family Physicians founded by the husband and wife team of board-certified family physicians, Dr. Stephanie Eldridge and Dr. Amir Shirmohammad (Dr. Shirmo).

The private practice has been serving elementary schoolers to senior citizens in Trinity and its outer lying areas since 2007. The couple follows the belief that each patient should be treated the same way they would take care of their own family. 

Recently expanded, Dr. Eldridge and Dr. Shirmo are excited about the coming new year and are accepting new patients under their care. As part of their expansion, Trinity Family Physicians has brought on two Physician Assistants.  Rachel Azzarelli and Ian Simpson have been accepted with open arms by patients of the doctors. Under their supervision, the pair have quickly become part of the practice family. 

“Their training and previous experience, coupled with their bedside manner, communication, and time spent with patients, has made them so well-received. In a short period, they already feel like family,” said Dr. Shirmo. “Their family and friends followed them to our practice. That’s a testament to who they are and how much they are trusted.”

At Trinity Family Physicians, expert care is coupled with attentive physicians. As they own the practice, no one is forcing the doctors to move quickly from one patient to the next, to keep a corporate timetable. Dr. Eldridge and Dr. Shirmo, as well as their Physicians Assistants, are known for actually listening to their patients’ concerns, spending the type of quality time that other doctor’s offices sorely lack.

From acne, diabetes management, immunizations, menstrual issues, postpartum depression, skin cancer screenings and treatment, and wrinkles, Trinity Family Physicians literally has a patient covered, A to Z. A list a half of page long on their website showcases the vast number of issues they treat. The practice even offers nutrition counseling for patients seeking to lose weight.

“We can help them change their lifestyle, along with eating the right diet, being more active, and taking the right supplements,” said Dr. Shirmo. “That is incorporated into care for other issues like diabetes. Nutrition counseling would be part of that treatment and covered by insurance. Most people think they have to see a weight loss doctor who will give you short-term results. We’re looking for permanent long-term results, and changing your lifestyle is the way to do it.” In addition, it is the fact that they care and how they care for their patients that makes all the difference.

Sometimes, a home-bound patient or a patient with an incredibly demanding schedule still needs to see a doctor.  Trinity Family Physicians makes a previously impossible option, a convenient and straightforward process. The doctors offer superior care to established patients through a new, state-of-the-art tele-visit service. The virtual appointment is as simple as downloading an app, scheduling tele-appointment and connecting with the doctors via laptop, desktop, or smart device.

Not all appointments require an in-office visit. Follow-ups, blood test results, medication follow-ups, diabetes management, follow-up nutrition counseling, and other non-urgent established patient care can be quickly addressed from the comfort of the patient’s home or office. Any prescriptions and labwork needed can be sent electronically. As long as it is a private setting with a WIFI signal, a patient can have an appointment anywhere that is quiet and convenient for them, even in their car during a lunch break or a child’s sports event. 

“About 15 minutes prior to their appointment, they would log in and fill out the appropriate paperwork, and they would be in cue to be seen by the provider. The doctor logs in and sees them through their device of choice. We can see them and talk to them and have a face to face conversation,” said Dr. Shirmo. “What’s nice about this is you can see the facial expressions of the patient. This allows us to connect with the human being on the other side.”

The response to the tele-appointments has been overwhelmingly positive. One hundred percent of patients polled that have used the service would use it again. It has allowed patients who were not exceptionally punctual in returning appointments to be more attentive to their personal healthcare.

“Compliance rates and satisfaction is higher. There are not many times that 100 percent of the people agree 100 percent,” said Dr. Eldridge.

Dr. Shirmo explained tele-visits eliminate busy patients going to a walk-in clinic where the doctor doesn’t know him or his history.

“Who better than to take care of you than your own doctor?” asked Dr. Eldridge. “We know you. We have a history together. So who better to do a televised than with us?”

Expanded service hours also help to accommodate the busy schedules of their patients.  Hours are 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday and 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Friday. The doctors recommend calling early for extended hour appointments, as they tend to fill quickly. 

Just like families help one another, the doctors regularly support the community they work in through participation in local charities. 

When asked what makes a good day, the doctors did not hesitate in their response.

“Every day, I know I’ve had a good day because when I can leave the practice and go home, I know that I can go to bed, knowing that I’ve done all that I can for my patients,” said Dr. Shirmo.

Dr. Eldridge added, “You know you’ve had a good day when you’ve been able to do God’s work and help people through their toughest times, get them through struggles and illness. That always feels good.”

Trinity Family Physicians is located at the corner of Trinity Blvd. and Duck Slough Blvd. at 1817 Cypress Brook Dr., Suite 101 in Trinity. The hours are Mon-Thurs 8:00-6:00 p.m., Friday 8:00-5:00 p.m. For more information, call (727) 834-8377 or visit their Facebook page or website at