By Tom Bostock

Great news! You no longer have to accept the disappointing diagnosis that “You’ll just have to learn to live with it” regarding your debilitating dizziness and vertigo problems. Dr. Hansen, her associate, Dr. Nikki Goldowski-Richa, and their caring staff at Trinity Hearing and Balance can be your solution, even if you have been suffering for years with balance disorders. They specialize in skillfully utilizing in-house, state-of-the-art balance equipment and techniques to diagnose and treat balance, dizziness, and vertigo, as well as custom, fitting the latest advanced digital hearing aids to meet your individual hearing needs. 

If you have any concerns about their professionalism or qualifications, just read what some of your friends and neighbors had to say about the outstanding, caring treatment that they received for their balance issues at Trinity Hearing and Balance:

Rebecca R noted: 

 “Trinity gave me my life back. Twice! I love Kelly and Nikki for it. In 2017 I had paralyzing vertigo (BPPV). I went to a well-renowned balance center for weeks. Nothing improved. Many specialists told me that vertigo wasn’t well understood and after being checked for a brain tumor, and MS was sent home without hope. Five months and 15 pounds heavier, I learned about Kelly Hansen, Trinity Balance. Note: 3 years later, it returned. “I had one treatment, and it was gone. It wasn’t until I had vertigo that I learned how common it is. Many people have told me so. I ask them to see Kelly and Nikki at Trinity Hearing and Balance.”

Suzanne K said:

“After suffering from severe dizziness upon lying down and getting up for over six months, I was referred here by a friend. I would give them ten stars if I could. I visited three times and was always seen promptly at my scheduled time. They did extensive testing and diagnosed my problem and then subsequently cured it. I only wish I had visited them sooner. The audiologists were so knowledgeable, keeping me informed of what they were doing to me at all times, which was very comforting.  The receptionist is friendly and polite. I couldn’t more highly recommend them.” Note: These are just a few testimonials from grateful patients. Visit their website to read more.

Dr. Hansen has effectively been treating patients with both hearing and balance issues for more than 20 years. Studying at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, for both undergraduate and graduate degrees, she obtained her Doctorate of Audiology from the Arizona School of Health Science. 

Before opening the practice at Trinity Hearing & Balance Center in 2006, Dr. Hansen worked in a hospital setting for over six years and an Ear, Nose & Throat office for ten years. 

Her associate, Dr. Nikki Goldowski-Richa, graduated from the University of Louisville and earned valuable, real-world experience, working in both veterans’ and children’s hospitals, ENT clinics, and private-practices. In  2015, she completed her clinical fellowship year at Trinity Hearing and Balance Center and has become an integral part of the practice. 

Dr. Hansen and Dr. Goldowski-Richa have both attended numerous courses and workshops for dizziness, balance, and hearing disorders throughout their careers; both are experienced in the most up-to-date diagnostic testing and treatment for these disorders.  

Invaluable to the team is the front office, Mississippi born, Christine Price, who has lived in Tampa for more than 18 years since her sister was stationed at MacDill AFB; she fell in love with the Tampa Bay area. Hers is that pleasant voice that you hear when you call for information or make an appointment. She helps make the patient experience a pleasant one. A real people person, Christine loves working with their patients.

The “chair” mentioned in one of the testimonials is part of the Epley Omniax System. This device was invented “to offer caregivers the ability to effectively detect, differentiate, treat, and manage balance and dizziness disorders.” Trinity Hearing and Balance announced their acquisition of this sophisticated computerized system associated with the diagnosis of inner ear disorders, as soon as it was available. They are one of the few companies using this fantastic diagnostic tool, not only in the Tampa Bay area and the United States, but around the world as well.

According to studies, age does not deter the use of the Epley Omniax chair or impair its effectiveness; there are documented cases of patients as old as 107 and young as five years old successfully treated with it. It’s good to know that Trinity Hearing and Balance had the foresight to add this electronic marvel to their balance-related treatment arsenal. 

Since the Epley Omniax System allows physicians to review and eliminate various diagnosis options effectively, it permits doctors to employ targeted treatments with an improved chance of success, facilitating the treatment process. Trinity Hearing and Balance was the 1st Florida clinic to offer this advanced treatment option to their patients.

Don’t suffer needlessly with dizziness, vertigo, or hearing loss. Trinity Hearing and Balance is conveniently located in New Port Richey at 8605 Easthaven Ct., Ste 101. Call today!  (727) 755-0391. Trinity Hearing and Balance, your Center for Excellence in the Tampa Bay Area!