by: Lisa Stephens

For Kristin Fox, owner of Let’s Face It Skin Care, enabling others to feel great about themselves is what motivates her. “When you feel good, everything around you feels better,” she said. And for Kristin, it isn’t just about looking great; it’s about bringing your skin back to a healthy, radiant state so you will feel good about your skin as well. “I really want to help people feel good about themselves. It’s not just surface level, it’s from within,” she explained.

Kristin has been in the beauty business since 2004. “I always wanted to own my own business, but only thought of it as a dream,” she shared. After some serious soul searching, she decided to venture out and take the chance of making her dream come true. She didn’t have all the details worked out of starting out on her own, but she had the passion to make it happen. Her inspiration, she said, stemmed from her childhood memories with her grandmother at the beauty parlor. “All the women seemed to float, they felt so good. Those memories kept reminding me of the energy that I wanted to feel again.”

In 2014, she opened Let’s Face It Skin Care, offering quality treatments, products and superior customer service to clients desiring to help their skin look its best. Clients have been so pleased, she has been nominated for “Best Skin Care Specialist” of Tampa Bay for two years in a row. Google reviews include, “Having just turned 40 and having promised myself for years that I would take skin care seriously after the big 4-0, Kristin has turned around my skin in just a few visits. If you’re not regularly visiting a skin professional, then I seriously recommend that you visit Kristin and try her Perfect Maintenance Facial. I mean no one wants to age prematurely! And heck, I wouldn’t dream of cutting my own hair, so why would taking care of my face be any different? Kristin offers an affordable quality service with no gimmicks.”

At Let’s Face It Skin Care in Palm Harbor, Kristin offers several different facial treatments to tackle various issues clients want to address. Optimally, clients should come in for a facial every four to six weeks, according to Kristin. The first appointment lasts about 80 minutes and includes a consultation and thorough evaluation of your skin. “It’s actually a discovery session for me,” she explained. Are you in the sun a lot? What changes would you like to see in your skin? Do you have any specific concerns about your skin? During this session, Kristin determines what treatment plan and skin care regimen is realistic for the client and she discusses how she can help the client reach their desired goals.  The facials don’t end at the jawline either! They include treatment to the face, neck, décolletage, back, hands, and arms as well.

“I offer facial treatments using Envrion, a globally recognized skin care brand that is built on science, beauty, and care,” she explained. It is the best of modern science combined with a strong passion for healthy looking beautiful skin.” While she offers many different treatments to combat various concerns, she has a few favorites. For those suffering from sensitive skin, rosacea, or dryness, she offers a calming and restorative facial that uses a combination of vitamins, antioxidants, and growth factors to rebalance and restore the skin. Perfect for Florida residents, she also offers a Vitamin C Revitalizing Facial to restore radiance using powerful antioxidants which help reestablish the appearance of skin’s clarity and repair the look of damage done by time and elements. The Revitalizing Resurfacing Treatment is also listed among her favorites. Because it is gentle enough for all skin types and targets the look of fine lines, sun damage, breakouts, and dryness.

Don’t forget about your eyes! Kristin also offers specialized treatment for that area as well. The look of tired eyes, crow’s feet, and dark circles can be difficult to combat, but Kristin has treatments and products to help you change the way you look and feel about your eyes. A total transformation can occur when targeting just a few areas of concern.

She also offers a high-quality line of makeup by Jane Iredale that not only provides coverage but also protects and moisturizes the skin as well.  “The Jane Iredale line consists of pure mineral makeup that nourishes and protects your skin while helping you look your best,” she explained. She added this makeup is formulated with clean, powerhouse ingredients with actual skincare benefits and provides long-lasting coverage. “I can put on my makeup in the morning and go out for dinner after work without having to touch up. That’s something I’ve never been able to do and I love that,” she added. It not only provides long-lasting coverage but also provides sun protection as well. Seven Jane Iredale products have earned The Skin Care Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation. “I love that the makeup is multitasking to maximize and simplify your routine,” she explained. Your morning routine is made much easier with this foundation, concealer, and broad-spectrum sunscreen all in one. “And it feels weightless on your skin,” she added.

Now that summer is over, call Let’s Face It Skin Care to get started on your transformation! Kristin is eager to help you look great and feel your best about what you see in the mirror! Let’s Face It Skin Care is located at 30669 US Hwy 19, Suite 308 Palm Harbor 34684. For appointments, call 727-600-4361 or schedule online at Hours are Monday-Friday 9am to 7pm and Saturday 9am to 5pm. A special event will be held November 14 featuring holiday trends and makeup tips.   For more details about this event, visit their website noted above.