Written by Morgan Fliss

Established in 2017, family-friendly Van Dyke Road Barbershop prides itself on creating an inviting and safe environment for clientele of all ages and hair types. 

From men to kids and senior citizens, Van Dyke Barbershop has your hair and grooming needs covered! It is their top priority to ensure that all customers that walk through their doors leave with a smile and a perfect new look. 

Rick Aparicio

Owned and operated by Rick Aparicio, this fabulous community staple creates an atmosphere where grooming meets the comfort of home, with live TV programming, comfortable seating, and a friendly and welcoming environment.  

“I love taking my son to Van Dyke Barbershop,” says Christina V. “It’s nice knowing you have the flexibility to make an appointment 24/7 or simply walk in. They offer great cuts, reasonable prices, and the owner and staff are very friendly.”

The shop offers a plethora of services that range from haircuts to shaves, to fades. Starting with classic scissor cuts, layering, flat tops, trims, beard sculpting, eyebrow arching and so much more. 

“[Overall], the main reason I got into barbering was that it is a great way to build up somebody’s confidence. Whether it is for a job interview, or just for kids going back to school, I always felt like barbering was a good thing to help someone’s [self-esteem],” Aparicio said.  “It is not just about a haircut. We like to build relationships. We are a community barbershop and our goal here is to make valuable connections and for them to come out with a smile and a nice haircut.”

Beginning with cutting hair as a teenager, Aparicio worked all the way up to barbering which became his true passion. In 2017, he used his experience and rapidly growing clientele to open Van Dyke Road Barbershop, located in the Keystone area. 

Talent, Experience, Confidence & Adaptability 

Rick Aparicio and his talented and caring staff have extensive experience in their craft, making his shop one of the best town! The team consists of four talented barbers and stylists that can give you or your loved ones a perfect haircut, shave or fade! 

“We can give anyone a nice haircut. It doesn’t matter what their hair type is,” said. Whether you have long, curly, or coarse hair, all the barbers are trained and educated to be able to handle all types and thickness of hair.”

Versatility is an important part of any barber’s talents, and a great barber will be skilled at performing many different types of haircuts. Every member of Rick’s staff is familiarized with a variety of techniques, has an excellent eye for detail, and is able to work with clients who have different hair types and styles.  

“A skilled barber is someone who has the ability to cut and style multiple hair types from all backgrounds,” says Qianna B. “I will continue to bring my son Taylor to this barbershop because Rick really is that good! Everyone who works there is extremely talented and truly passionate about the work they do.”

Talent and confidence are also essential skills for any barber, but great barbers are also adaptable and always willing to learn and listen to their client’s needs and suggestions. Rick and his staff will listen to your needs and will not rest until you are fully satisfied with your cut, trim or style.

“Just had a cut with Rick. Excellent work! He took his time with my hair and beard,” says recent customer William T. “He doesn’t get offended if you make him recut or reshape the beard, which I think it is very professional. He told me it’s like getting a new car…the buyer has to be ultimately satisfied, and I was. Rick did an amazing job providing me with the satisfaction of the look I was really looking for. I will be back.”

The Art of Shaving and Fading

The term ‘fade’ originated in ethnic barbershops and has become the popular term for an aggressively tight taper in men’s hair. Hair at the sides and back is cut as close as possible with clippers and “fades,” or tapers, up into almost any length on top. The hair on top can be styled neatly or given a messy texture with gel, paste, or pomade. Though it is standard to get a fade as close to the skin as possible, it doesn’t have to be so dramatic. Some fade haircuts have a very shallow skin-tight area that may last for only an inch at the back of the neck. This does require quite a bit of skill from the barber because you need to get a great, smooth taper in a shorter space, but it’s a great look for many men.

“Fades can be tricky if you go to someone with little to no experience,” says Rick. “The key to ‘fades’ is to get a nice, even blend all the way up the head. It takes a combination of trimmer and blade sizes to achieve a great fade, so it requires patience from both the client and the barber. We will never rush you and will make sure you leave satisfied with the results.”

“I went in this afternoon to get my fade fixed from an hour earlier bad fade from another location,” says Ray R. “They got me in right away and the service was amazing. The shop was immaculately clean and the atmosphere had such a good vibe. Hands down the best barbershop I’ve been in a very long time!”

Van Dyke Barbers also provides customers with great shaves. Starting at $32, men can receive a top-notch shave, while being pampered at the same time. Barbers will use a steamer, hot towel and an electric massager first, then apply pre-shave oil and a crown lather, all before shaving with and against/sideways across the face..“Like old school, we whip up the lather,” Aparicio said. 

After every shave, men will receive a cold towel and an after-shave balm ensuring that they leave the shop looking their best! “We do it all here. We really focus on giving people a great shave and we have good products here [to do that]. We have the best feather razors around and technique in terms of getting a close shave. We really pamper them when they want to get a shave,” Aparicio added.

Amazing Reviews = Amazing Service 

The barbershop consistently receives positive reviews on both their Facebook and Google pages. Over 100 people across all their social media and Google accounts have given Rick and his staff a perfect five-star review for their services and welcoming atmosphere. One routine customer complimented the amazingly fast and professional service by saying “Like always, Rick and his staff give the best cuts in town. It is easy and fast to book an appointment online. (www.vandykebarbers.com) [Just] chose your time, your barber and [by the time] you arrive, they are waiting for you. Brian W. wrote about the positive experience he had at the shop by writing “My hair cut at Van Dyke Road Barbershop was perfect. They take care of their customers there and pay attention to what you want. When I left the shop I felt great and I looked great and that is exactly the feeling you want after a haircut.” Among the numerous highly-rated reviews, another customer said “If you’re looking for a quality barbershop, look no further. Rick and his team are fantastic! Give them a try and you’ll become a regular!”

Valentine’s Day Specials – Book Now! 

As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, take the first step in getting your perfect haircut today! Visit their website to schedule your appointment or just walk in any time 9:00 am- 7:00 pm, Monday through Friday, or 9:00 am – 5:00 pm on Saturday. If you come into the shop and bring the coupon within this Tampa Bay News and Lifestyles magazine, all new clients will receive $5 off a service totaling $20 or more! Clients can also receive a $10 off “The works: haircut & shave” typically valued at $45 for only $35.  Come pamper yourself and get the “best haircut or shave you have ever had.” 

Van Dyke Road Barbershop is located at 6054 Van Dyke Rd Lutz, FL 33558. Phone: 813-443-3559. Visit them online at https://www.vandykebarbers.com/