Auditions for the fall production of Biloxi Blues by Neil Simon will take place at the JCC on the Cohn Campus in the J Stage Theatre at 13009 Community Campus Drive on Sunday, September 12 from 5:00 – 8:00 pm. Call-back is scheduled for Monday, September 13 from 6:00 – 9:00 pm.

Casting will be announced in mid-September with rehearsals beginning at the end of September.  Rehearsals will start off on Zoom and then move to the J Stage Theatre. All actors must be available for Tech week running October 25 – October 31, 2021.  The show will be a six-show run with an invited dress rehearsal on Tuesday, November 2, opening night Wednesday, November 3, shows on Thursday, November 4, Saturday, November 6, and two shows on Sunday, November 7. 

All Performers must be available for Tech Week October 25-28,2021. PLEASE NOTE: This is a 5-week rehearsal process and a quick turnaround. Due to the Safety of our Performers, we will be conducting the first week of rehearsal via ZOOM. All personnel is called 1 hour prior to curtain. This call is exclusive to performers 17 years and older in the Tampa Bay Area. We cannot offer housing, travel, or per diem for out-of-town performers. All roles are paid a stipend. All performers passed to callbacks must submit proof of full COVID-19 Vaccination. 

Audition Requirements: Please submit a single PDF file containing both a current headshot/photo and a theater resume (no separate files or other formats like .doc, .png, .jpg, or .pages, please :)) Using the performer’s name as the file name. (ie. JoeSwanson.pdf) *Send the headshot/resume file to with the subject “BILOXI BLUES CASTING”.  Please acknowledge in the body of the email that you have read and understand all considerations and stipulations in the call. The deadline is Tuesday, August 31st. We will not follow up with submissions that don’t conform to these guidelines. All Auditions will consist of a Monologue Delivery of two contrasting pieces no longer than 3 minutes in length that Showcase Character Range. Please have pieces prepared and ready for delivery. There will also be cold readings from the script. Callbacks are scheduled for Monday September 13, 2021 from 6:00pm-9:00pm. Proof of full COVID-19 Vaccination at least two weeks prior to callback must be presented to receive callback information.

Synopsis: It focuses on a group of military privates stationed in Biloxi, Mississippi, through the perspective of young soldier Eugene Jerome. Although Jerome is the point-of-view character, the play largely focuses on two other soldiers, Sgt. Merwin J. Toomey and Private Arnold Epstein, as they go through basic training, and Epstein and Toomey get into an escalating battle of wills. Exploring themes of individuality, military discipline, and the mindset of young draftees as they prepare to be deployed to World War II. 

CHARACTERS: Eugene Morris Jerome: (M, 18-25, Lead) A writer and the narrator of the show. He is the alter ego of the youthful Neil Simon. Roy Seldridge: (M, 18-25, Major Supporting) A confident man who thinks of himself as funny. He tends to take cues from others on how to behave and who to harass. Joseph Wykowski: (M, 19-26, Major Supporting)Big and tough – but not too smart and somewhat bigoted. Don Carney:(M, 18-25, Major Supporting) A private from New Jersey who irritates his bunkmates with his singing. He is not very good at making important decisions. Arnold Epstein: (M, 18-25, Major Supporting): A sensitive, well-read, and intelligent Jewish guy from New York City. He is mentally strong but physically weak. He constantly feels the need to fight for something. Sgt. Merwin J. Toomey: (M, 35-50, Major Supporting): A Southerner. He is big and tough – he is smart and hardcore, old school “Army”, but he has his demons. James Hennesy: (M, 18-24, Major Supporting): Big and tough – but not too smart. He is part African American, but not noticeably. Rowena: (F, 20-up, Minor Supporting): A world-wise, Southern prostitute. She must have a flair for comedy. Daisy Hannigan: (F, 17-24, Minor Supporting): A USO dancer and Eugene’s first love, she is young and pretty. **PLEASE