By: Joy Bergman

You’re tired, it’s the middle of the week and you need a break from the world. You need a place where you can get over the spilled coffee stains from your morning latte, forget all of the paperwork you have waiting for you at the office, and find some R&R. If you’ve been looking for such a place to escape the world, then owners Daniela Crescencio and Vívian Oliveira would like to invite you to “feel at home” at Wax & Skin 4 You. Since the stunning and authentic Brazilian waxing and facial oasis first opened last October, the company has already been winning the hearts of its customers. With relaxing treatments like the Deluxe and Casmara Gold Mask facials, and A+ waxing services like the Bikini and the Brazilian, Wax & Skin 4 You is your “one-stop-shop” for everything skin!

Owners Daniela and Vívian first met through their husbands in 2009. But it wasn’t long before a friendship between the two women started to blossom, as well as a new career horizon. In 2016, Daniela moved to Chile to train in the beauty industry. While she was there, she learned much about the different facets of the industry and soon earned her esthetician license. Later on, in 2019, the beauty enthusiast moved back to America, where she had to retrain for a new U.S. license. Knowing how much her friend Vívian loved fashion with her degree in fashion design, Daniela invited her to esthetician class, where the two soon excelled. Upon graduating, the women decided to open a spa that would serve as a “unique oasis of calm” for those in the Greater Northdale area. And as native Brazilians, Daniela and Vívian pride themselves on being as authentic as possible in their treatments, as well as providing the best and most enjoyable services in an ultra-relaxing environment.

In fact, Wax & Skin 4 you uses authentic Brazilian hard wax that very few spas offer. Not only is this special wax high quality and loved by many, but it is also better for those with sensitive skin. Unlike shaving, the Brazilian hard wax will take out unwanted hair by lifting it up from the root, so that “finer regrowth” is guaranteed. Waxing is Daniela’s specialty, with her most popular service being the Brazilian. This wax usually lasts around 3-5 weeks, and many clients are very pleased with the outcome. “The Brazilian wax is the best in Tampa!” one client named Kelly exclaimed. But don’t forget about the wide variety of other waxing services available. If you’ve been needing those eyebrows fixed or your underarms freshened up, then take this as your sign to head on over to Wax & Skin 4 You.

While many women often utilize these services, the spa is proud to have offerings for men, too. For example, guys, if you’re thinking that it’s time for those sideburns to go, call on the professionals at Wax & Skin 4 you. From chest & stomach waxing to full face, hands, feet & toes, and more – think of Wax & Skin 4 You as your “go-to” place for anything your barber can’t do. 

Nervous about pain? No worries! Wax & Skin 4 You provides “after wax” care treatments to ease your newly-waxed skin, such as the “Brazilian Calm Mask 4 you.” After the wax, kick back and relax with a calming Esthemax hydro jelly mask, massage, and more. Numbing gel is also available before you even get started with a wax. Needing some skin rejuvenation? Try out a facial! Vívian is your “go-to-girl” for all things facial, regardless of your skin type. Try out the Casmara Gold Mask Facial, complete with a cooling 24k gold jelly mask, or opt for the popular Deluxe Facial, which is catered to your specific skin needs. Enjoy the many benefits of the Dermaplaning Facial, which seeks to remove fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne/pitted scars, and more.“I got the Microneedling Facial and it was amazing!” one satisfied client praised. “I finally found a facial that minimizes the size of pores and makes my skin glow. Dani and Vívian were so nice and informed me about what she was doing every step of the way!”

Walk-ins, appointments, and online bookings are available in this gem of a spa. Since both women believe that the atmosphere of the spa helps to improve the overall service, they have handpicked every detail to be as relaxing as possible, all the way from the music down to each piece of art. As client Sandra K. says, “[This is] the BEST experience since the moment you walk inside the spa till the treatment ends! Amazing staff, great products and the skin therapy…I just can’t wait to go back for the second round!” Of course, after your first service, you probably won’t want to wait to come back either, which is why monthly memberships are available. Don’t forget to pick up a gift card for a friend, too! Whether it’s your first time-in or your 30th, just know that no matter what’s happening in your life, there is always a place to “feel at home” at Wax & Skin 4 You.

Wax & Skin 4 You is located at 3861 Northdale Blvd, Tampa, FL 33624. Secure your place in this “breathtaking slice of heaven” today by calling (813) 605-0210. Wax & Skin 4 You’s hours are Tuesday-Friday from 10 A.M. to 7 P.M., and Saturdays from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. Check out their new website at, and look them up on FaceBook and on Instagram @wax.skin4you.