By Deborah Bostock-Kelley

Beyond being a long-standing family physician at her Westchase private practice, Proactive Primary Care, Dr. Ngoc Pham is also known in the community as the founder of Tre MedSpa and Tre Nail Lounge. Tre MedSpa opened in 2016, where patients receive aesthetic medical treatments such as Botox, fillers, facials, and laser hair removal.  In 2020, Tre Nail Lounge was added to the medspa to provide a touch of ambiance and pampering with full-service manicures/pedicures and waxing services.

As she lives in the community she serves, she often runs into her patients in the Westchase area. 

“When you live and breathe and work in the same community, you definitely have that closeness, that feeling that they support me and my medical practices here.  So, I always try to find opportunities to give back to the community that we are a part of,” she said. “I see my patients all the time outside of the clinic. They are local teachers, parents, neighbors, and business owners. I love that feeling of being embedded in my community.”

She enjoys catching up on her client’s children’s successes, and her patients often ask about her family, especially her ten-year-old son Jacob. At age four, he was discovered to be almost pitch-perfect, a musical piano prodigy who could hear a song, learn it, and replicate it on the piano keyboard within a week. At age six, he was showcased on local television, and patients often asked if they could listen to him play.

This repeated request planted a seed about a musical concert, a fundraising event for the Crisis Center.  Dr. Pham has been fundraising for the Crisis Center in other ways through the years, and this sparked a new way for her to fundraise for one of her favorite charities and to inspire her son to use his talents to give back to others.  She has lost two nephews to depression and suicide, so the why and mission behind her concerts is something she is deeply passionate about and that is to bring awareness to teenage mental health and help provide resources for HOPE to those that are in crisis. 

“What if I did a neighborhood concert and invite other local performers, music studios, and dance studios?  I had such a wonderful, positive response. Our first gala was at the Westchase Golf Club, and we sold out all 175 seats. It was amazing. We showcased different young musicians, from singers to jazz dancers, drummers to choruses, and it was such an incredible, unique show. People said you’re going to need a bigger venue. Moving forward, we started holding our gala at the Bayanihan Center, a big beautiful, elegant venue.” 

 At the last Concert Gala in September 2019, Dr. Pham said, “it was such a success and we sold out all 300 seats, and we hope to do it again this year. My guests were anxiously waiting for my next concert, and I am excited to WOW them again this year.” 

On Saturday, December 3, 2022, she’s excited to return to hosting her Third Annual Charity Concert Gala, benefiting the Crisis Center, held at the Bayanihan Arts and Events Center here in Westchase, at 14301 Nine Eagles Drive, Tampa, FL, from 6 – 11 pm, along with an After Party featuring live music from the amazing Red Ruckus Band. 

“This is a semi-formal, get-all-dressed-up, fancy, put-your-high-heels-on-and-suit-on event. It’s going to be a sit-down dinner gala and concert, an elegant special night,” she said. “These days, it’s not that often that you get all dressed up and go to a beautiful gala, especially among the community.”

Though Dr. Pham claims not to be musically inclined, she is creative and philanthropic and has an eye for talent in her Westchase community. 

The beauty of her story is she transformed a family tragedy into a way of honoring her young nephews and providing her community with information about depression and suicide while fundraising for the Crisis Center.  “It’s so devastating and heartbreaking as a family to experience that loss.  My mission for my concert is to bring awareness to teenage mental health.  Somehow or another, somebody knows somebody who has been affected by mental health. It’s a really sad, difficult topic, but it’s my why for doing these concerts.   I want to make people aware of the national 9-8-8 hotline for those in crisis, to spread the message that it is OK to feel sad or anxious, and that there is help and support out there.  If there is one person or family that is positively affected by my concert, then I have accomplished my goal.”

Dr. Pham’s concert benefits the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay, which answers all the suicide crisis numbers for the entire Hillsborough County with the local 211 and 988 national hotline numbers. This year marks their 50th anniversary of providing support, service, and outreach programs to those in crisis.  

They have such an amazing line up of performers for the 2022 gala event to include ten-year-old Jacob Pham, of course, along with Ovations Dance Academy, The Dance Haus Dance Studio, VYB Dance Studio,  Alonso High School Band and Theatre, among many other singers, contemporary and hip-hop dancers, violinists, pianists, and other performers of all ages.  “I tell people it’s like America’s Got Talent right here in Tampa,” she said. 

The event is family-friendly, with the recommended age as middle school and above. Her goal is to raise $20K for the Crisis Center. 

“It’s a great feeling to be able to share the stage with other talented local performers. There are so many talented people in our community that we don’t always get to see. It makes me happy to give them this spotlight and allow them to share their talents for such a great cause. “ 

Tickets are available at Tickets are $30 for ages ten and under, $45 for 11-17, and $80 for adults.   Tickets need to be purchased in advance online. Tickets will not be sold at the door. 

If you would like to become a business sponsor, please send an email to :

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